10 July 2013

Cycling with Barclays ♥

❤❤ Hello Precious GEM's ❤❤

London finally has a summer; it has been so awesome! I am really enjoying the lovely weather and spending time with family and friends. Last weekend I had two wonderful BBQ's back to back, celebrating some special individual's. 

Yesterday, me and my lovely friend met up and went for a cycle using the Barclays bikes in London. I hadn't cycled in yeaaars before yesterday. It was so much fun and cheap also; £2 access fee and free for 30 mins. We tried to video our experience, so when I get a chance to upload, I shall. It was hard filming and riding but we just about did it. 

We went to do some market research for some fun things we are planning this summer, and honestly it was such a great experience, even though today my calves are FEELING it so much!! Haha! 

On my travels, I spotted SO many lovely summer looks from various people in the city. It was so refreshing and encouraging, to see the stylish & decently dressed women, enjoying the sun. I didn't capture any of them on this occasion but maybe next time...'Stylish GEM Award' whoop! 

I hope you have enjoyed your day, whatever you were doing, as the sun shines on you, remember His grace available to you. He is faithful to see all He has spoken over you, come to pass. It's not too late for you to shine for Him and to develop your relationship. God's love for us is so wonderful and the sun shining down on us is another reminder of Him and His awesome light shining in our dark areas to restore, heal and transform us. 

❤ My Day Cycling 

On my way to meet the beautiful ShanShan ❤

Footwear for the day ❤
The lovely bikes, awaiting for us to use them. 
That happy moment went we got the tickets. Haha. 
I am not a huge fan of chocolate but this looked so lovely,
so I captured it, as we docked the bikes back.

Cycling fun with ShanShan❤

Close up of the jumpsuit ❤

It was so handy wearing a jumpsuit to cycle...easy to stay decent even while cycling. No discrepancies. Haha! 😁❤

Took a quick one while waiting for my travel jab ❤ 

I will definitely be using the bikes again, hopefully before I go on holiday! I'm so excited for my holiday!! Whooop! Packing begins soooooon. 

With Love and Style, 
❤ Nash Amber ❤

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