17 July 2013

Modest Summer : Maxi's

Hello everyone, 

I'm sorry I haven't been posting this summer, I've been busy and haven't been able to blog but today I was determined to get someone down and out. 

I am so pleased that we have a summer in London! I have a few videos coming out of my summer lookbook so do look out for that. In the meantime here are some essential pieces I have chosen for this SS13; items to help you stay cool in this weather, without compromising the precious individual you are in Christ. 

Today I posted a question on my FB page, as I wanted us sisters to share with one another, any challenges or ways we are overcoming in this heat...My sister replied and posted wonderful and wise advice and I wanted to share with you all!

"I'm finding that less clothes does not help with staying cool in this weather. Rather it's about the colours and materials you wear. For example wearing white and light colours instead of black or other dark colours (as white reflects light/heat). And wearing loose cotton and linens instead of thick or clingy materials such as Lycra, leggings, jeggings etc" ~ R. R. Ikhinmwin 

This is actually it! Summer dressing is all about being WISE with the items and colours you choose to wear rather than less clothes, so here are some WISE choices you could go for this summer. 

These are a few items that I believe to be handy for one to have in the wardrobe...Some type of flat sandals and heels for if you are going out, different colours and of course your bible. Without the word, all the outward adorning will be pointless and lack substance. Getting the word IN us, gets the world out of us and molds us to BE that holy bride for Jesus. In my next few posts I will be breaking down some of the items in this style board.
Maxi's are a great way to achieve stylish coverage in the summer. This is a very versatile item and can look so very elegant when worn by a Lady with a beautiful personality and character. When we have substance, we wear the dresses and we give the dresses character and style. 

If you are not one for bold colours you can keep it neutral also and still look really lovely. However if you are one who does like patterns; floral prints are IN. Not just in fashion, but in God's plan. Long before the world of fashion started making floral printed items, God had already created gardens of beauty using flowers. Floral will always be current, as long as we keep up with God, that is. 

Chiffon is a great material to wear in the heat, as it is light weight and looks so effortless. Just ensure that your skirt is not see through, as that will not display your worth Precious GEM.  

Light weight denim items can work in the summer also, however this look is better suited for the evening...you know, when the the sun is setting but it is still light even around 8pm. Those are the times I must prefer to come out and about. During the day if you are on the move, you could get hot and bothered, so if you do like this look, maybe wearing this for your evening out will be best. 

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Same question I put on Facebook goes out to you Lady... 
How are YOU finding it; dressing modestly in this lovely weather? 
Are you finding suitable items to wear?

I hope you are more inspired by these looks. Display your worth and be wise in the choices you make, not just with your clothes but with your very life. Guard your heart by filtering the things you see and hear. This summer lets be wise women, honoring God with our ALL.

Have a modest summer ladies...whoop! Sun!!

With Love and Style,
❤ Nash Amber ❤

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