28 August 2013

Ghana Holiday Part 1 ♡

This holiday was such a BIG testimony for me, of God being MY personal provider. From the plane ticket, food, company, guides, friends, drinks, slippers, quad bikes, horses. Whatever I had NEED for was provided.

My trip started out in London Heathrow airport in the early hours of the morning. While waiting to check in my suitcase, I looked over at the people in front of me and spotted a friend, also traveling. I was so shocked and thought maybe it was someone who looked like her...until she got closer and closer and it really was her! We both had a happy movement, hugging each other and getting soooo excited as we got to go on the same flight before we changed over. She was going to Congo, I was going Ghana. We even managed to sit next to each other for the first journey. We were so excited and as soon as the plane took off, we both slept for most of the journey. haha. But it was nice to have company, as I was traveling alone. God is so good! I am so grateful.

So when I arrive I am met by my friend and her now husband (the wedding was LOVELY...but that's for another post!) They took me to my hotel and then off we all went out to dinner, to a Chinese restaurant. I was feeling SO tired from traveling so I didn't even have much energy to capture everything, but it was nice.

First drink I ordered in Ghana was of course, Pineapple juice!! Ah the joys!
It was so fresh, chilled and tasty. 

The next day in Ghana; Day 1.

Breakfast at the hotel, some sort of porridge. I chose something light, and ended
up feeling so hungry afterwards. I learnt from that day!  

One of the Taxi's in Ghana. Aww I miss this! 

Met another familiar face at Accra Mall, all the way from London too!
We had so much fun, exploring Ghana with her lovely family. 

All throughout Ghana there were posters and things referring to Jesus. It was MOST encouraging. 

The bride surprised us all with lovely gifts!  So beautiful!! 

CUSTOMISED Towel for me! Each of us got our name embroidered.
I really like customised things, so I was so chuffed when I received this gift.   
Jewelry for us all for the wedding day. Such beautiful items.
They looked GREAT on the day.

The bag also included Baylis & Harding products and 'Keep calm' T shirts. So thoughtful! 

 Preview of another post  
My day out with the ladies in East Legon, where I stayed. 

Looking forward to uploading my OOTD videos!!! 
Really enjoyed my gladiator style sandals from Office. 
Banana and peanuts are sooo nice together. I have grown up eating this from young, so I was so pleased to obviously see it in Ghana too! #FavouriteSnack

Dog looks nice and healthy. :)

Started the holiday well and enjoyed the whole time while out there!
More posts on my lovely holiday still to come. 

With love and style, 
Nash Amber 

27 August 2013

I'm back from Ghana ♡

Hey - Hey!

It's been ages since I blogged, please forgive me! I am back from my amazing holiday and have been busy, editing material in order to share with you all.

I am really missing Ghana and some people I made friends with and so as I remember the great memories that are now recorded in heaven, I'm going to finally start sharing!  

The next few posts I am going to do are all going to be geared towards my holiday. Whoop- whoop! I have so much footage, that doing one big blog will end up being so lengthy, so I'm going to break them down. The posts will consist of what I did while in Ghana, lessons I learnt while out there, outfits, and other relevant information for you. 

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Hope you enjoy. 

Here's a small snippet of my LOVELY holiday!

Oh yes! For those that didn't know, I big chopped before I left for Ghana and had the joys of learning how to work with this new hair while out there. That was most interesting, and I will share in posts to come. I am yet to upload my video of that chop, but I will let you know when I do post.

Those on my Instagram and Facebook page would have already known about the chop. It is a nice change and I am enjoying it, though it does require MUCH more TLC than my relaxed hair did. 

With love and style, 
♡ Nash Amber