27 August 2013

I'm back from Ghana ♡

Hey - Hey!

It's been ages since I blogged, please forgive me! I am back from my amazing holiday and have been busy, editing material in order to share with you all.

I am really missing Ghana and some people I made friends with and so as I remember the great memories that are now recorded in heaven, I'm going to finally start sharing!  

The next few posts I am going to do are all going to be geared towards my holiday. Whoop- whoop! I have so much footage, that doing one big blog will end up being so lengthy, so I'm going to break them down. The posts will consist of what I did while in Ghana, lessons I learnt while out there, outfits, and other relevant information for you. 

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Hope you enjoy. 

Here's a small snippet of my LOVELY holiday!

Oh yes! For those that didn't know, I big chopped before I left for Ghana and had the joys of learning how to work with this new hair while out there. That was most interesting, and I will share in posts to come. I am yet to upload my video of that chop, but I will let you know when I do post.

Those on my Instagram and Facebook page would have already known about the chop. It is a nice change and I am enjoying it, though it does require MUCH more TLC than my relaxed hair did. 

With love and style, 
♡ Nash Amber 

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