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Ghana Holiday Part 3 ♡

London weather has really changed as summer is officially over, nevertheless looking back at my photos for Ghana just reminds me of the lovely summer I did have and the GREAT holiday I had. 
Here is part 3 for you all, with my outfit of the days and some more of what I got up to. 

I made some really good friends while out in Ghana.  Prince and Thomas, such amazing guys and brothers in Christ to me. They really looked after me and my friend while out in Ghana. Thank you so much guys, God bless you both! *Thumbs Up!*

Some of the lovely people I met and got the privilege to chill with.  The staff at hotel were so friendly and helpful...I'm so grateful to God for them. I really miss them! 
Day 2 at the beach. 

Ghana Holiday Part 2 ♡

Out and about in Ghana, I went to the beach a few times, visited a ministry out there called Lighthouse Chapel International, Madina Estate branch.  I also went to a road show, saw AMAZING dances by the young people (they taught us a few moves too! :D - I REALLY enjoy dancing). We met some really lovely children and individuals. 
Some photos below of my adventures in Ghana...and lots of food!! Oh how I miss this land. 
 Me and some of the lovely children at Lighthouse.

~ A day in service with Lighthouse ~