18 September 2013

Ghana Holiday Part 3 ♡

London weather has really changed as summer is officially over, nevertheless looking back at my photos for Ghana just reminds me of the lovely summer I did have and the GREAT holiday I had. 

Here is part 3 for you all, with my outfit of the days and some more of what I got up to. 

I made some really good friends while out in Ghana. 
Prince and Thomas, such amazing guys and brothers in Christ to me. They really looked after me and my friend while out in Ghana. Thank you so much guys, God bless you both! *Thumbs Up!*

Some of the lovely people I met and got the privilege to chill with. 
The staff at hotel were so friendly and helpful...I'm so grateful to God for them. I really miss them! 

Day 2 at the beach. 

I am such a fan of beach shots, in the summer (modestly dressed of course).
If I lived near a beach, I would be there all the time, I am sure...maybe one day.

This meat is called 'Chinchinga' and while on the beach I got to make my own one. It reminded me much of the Congolese 'camudele' (kebab) yet more spicy. It was real good! 

My first time EVER being this close to a lobster and first time tasting it also. 
It was nice, but not very filling it seemed. 

Natural hair!!! <3 

Thomas totally was fine with holding the Lobster...
me on the other hand...I needed to compose myself first.

I really wanted to go a quad bike - on a beach - while on holiday and God totally made it possible. So much favor on this holiday! This quad bike was privately owned by a gentleman named Teddy. He shared with us that he doesn't lend his quad out, but then he said he would let me ride on it. IF YOU COULD SEE MY FACE AT THAT POINT!!!!! It was such a great experience! I actually got to go on a motor something...wasn't a bike this time (I like motorbikes) but it was spot on!  

Caught in conversation. I promise I was NOT posing here. hehe. 

Me and Thomas, such a lovely guy. My Ghanaian brother. God BLESS you Sir!

One of the BEST Pineapple juices I have tasted! Thank you Blue Skies! 

This is kelewele, which is plantain cooked in spices and ginger. So yummy! 

With Love....Nash Amber 

Photo credits to: Thomas Linker


  1. Thomas Linker18 September, 2013

    Beautiful work done.Nash you are blessed !!

  2. I love your alternate hemmed maxi dress on the beach, just gorgeous. Looks like you had a great time.

    TL. Xx

    1. Abigail, I never saw you comment until yesterday. Forgive me girl. Thank you for stopping by. xx