6 October 2013

Ghana Holiday Part 4 ♡

More OOTD while in Ghana and some places I went to and things I experienced!

A dress and maxi skirt, used to create this look. ReStyling items you have saves you so much on buying new clothes.
These Strap sandals are so cute. I really like them, especially these blue ones. 

Another hair style I did with my natural hair. I have had to play with my hair, because I do get bored with the same style for too long. 

We followed the gentleman taking this kid to be slaughtered *hand over face*...to be honest, I couldn't watch, so I hid behind my brother, but I heard the poor kid crying! At that point I could understand why people fight for animals and become vegetarians. It was a sobering experience and so sad...I personally haven't made any decision to be a vegetarian, but I understand much more, how others do it.

I would like to start detailing where I get my items that I wear, but as I go to write, I tend to realise that a lot of them are gifts, or from random stores and boutiques, so it wouldn't help you much, in finding the same thing. Sorry! *covers face with hands* I will aim to detail the pieces I can and if I don't... now you know why. hehe. 

Madina Market 

Getting my hair done by 5 people. The pain was very real!

Last meal in Ghana :) 

Ok, so maybe I did tan while out there?! I didn't see it before, until this photo...

Outfit Details: (Yay, I can actually do it this time)

White Vest- H&M
Waistcoat - Zoe 
Necklace - Ghana
Bracelet - Ghana
Clutch - From my Mum
Culottes (French work for shorts) - ASOS
Sandals - Office
On our way to Madina Market

These roasted peanuts are so TASTY. I don't know what it is about the way they do it in Africa, it's just nice!

She was so pretty and cute, I can't remember what she was selling, but it was like maize or something.

I finally found some Chale wate's (Flipflops) in a type of Kente design but in the Ankara fabric. 

People selling things are so confident in approaching people and SO friendly with it too. 

Two of my favorite things to eat in Ghana! #Shito and #Kelewele which I showed in the others Ghana posts, check part 3. 

We found these two gentlemen, making Ankara Clutches and bags, while at Madina Market.

I finally got to ride on the bus in Ghana called a 'TroTro', as we used normally used Taxi's to get around. It was an experience, I would go on one again, next time I am back. Believe, I actually asked the driver for a seat belt when I sat at the front...he erm...politely laughed at me. Ha! Yeah, even though it's like a minibus there are no seat belts. #FaithInGod

Me and Thomas aka Mr Photographer. 

Back at the Hotel with the owner and his son. Such lovely people, they totally looked out for us, while we were there. Thank you Forest Gate! 
Ghana was truly a holiday that I will not forget! Although I went out there for the wedding, I also got to experience this beautiful ;and and I do hope to visit it again one day. Hopefully next time I can actually get more involved with a project or something out there...it would be so amazing to go work with the community, sharing Christ. 

With love and style,
Nash Amber 


  1. Decided to stop by and visit your blog. Your hair turned out cute..no pain no gain LOL

    1. Hey Lady, Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for the lovely comment. and haha to your comment 'no pain no gain'. (",)