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Graduation [22.11.13]

I am so thankful to God for getting me through this degree! It is officially official I am a Marketing Graduate. Wow!! 
Many don't know but my degree took me 5 years due to going on placement and failing 3/8 modules in second year. I had to redo all 3 modules and split my final year into 2 years in order to not have an overload of work to do. I didn't graduate with my 08 class but He has worked it ALL out for my good!! It was a VERY VERY stretching time! No one likes failure and so I can testify of Gods amazing mercy and grace in completing this course & not living in disappointment. Be encouraged! God is STILL Good! He really kept and pruned me in that season!!!
Key lesson learnt in this one:
Just because you fail at something or a module does NOT make YOU a failure. God's word over you is truth regardless of the current reality.  

I got my hair done in Big Box Braids. I wanted the front to be full, but did not expect it to be this full As my hair is so thick, the box …

Modest Dressing Essentials ♡

I am so excited to be able to share this post with you all, because I get to show you some practical examples of modest looks, inform you on what's coming up with me and Set Apart Style (the YouTube channel). 
I see a lot of immodest looks on ladies, and I am not even referring to those in the world! I do not judge them, as bad people, or anything, because I used to also make bad decisions in how I dressed, but I do feel God's heart on the matter, now being renewed by His truth. 
 It is so sad, to see, so many not dressing according to their worth. When I see these looks, I just want to love them back to life and give them an extension of His love. God is SUCH an amazing Father, who has CLOTHED us who accept Him, with righteous robes-- not that we earned it, but He paid the price for us and looks after His own.  I realise that some ladies are new to Christ and may not have started their journey to discovering how amazingly HOLY this God is; whom they have accepted salvation f…