13 November 2013

Modest Dressing Essentials ♡

I am so excited to be able to share this post with you all, because I get to show you some practical examples of modest looks, inform you on what's coming up with me and Set Apart Style (the YouTube channel). 

I see a lot of immodest looks on ladies, and I am not even referring to those in the world! I do not judge them, as bad people, or anything, because I used to also make bad decisions in how I dressed, but I do feel God's heart on the matter, now being renewed by His truth. 

 It is so sad, to see, so many not dressing according to their worth. When I see these looks, I just want to love them back to life and give them an extension of His love. God is SUCH an amazing Father, who has CLOTHED us who accept Him, with righteous robes-- not that we earned it, but He paid the price for us and looks after His own.  I realise that some ladies are new to Christ and may not have started their journey to discovering how amazingly HOLY this God is; whom they have accepted salvation from (I am excited for your journey ahead!). Some have been in the church buildings for YEARS yet have still not joined the actual church of God...to be born again--to be His bride, therefore there isn't any godly fruit on their tree :(. I have been there before, and learning the truth about God and His mercy over me, caused me to repent. To not only say, 'Lord, I am sorry for not following you whole heartedly' , but actually turning away from the life He saved me from. I had to learn to spend time with God, to ask questions so I could become the church- well a member of the church. If you are at this point, there is HOPE, in Jesus and His word of truth. He can transform any heart into being like His, so I do encourage you to get in the word, spend time with God, in prayer. Let Him love on you and change your heart. Also I would encourage you to get around sisters, that are further along then you and become accountable. We don't have to every suffer in silence. The family of God are here, to support you into righteous living. I am looking forward to the journey and changes that will take place, by Hid grace, to your heart Lady, as you learn more about His heart on modesty and YOU; precious GEM!

Others, have been faithfully hoping in Christ and using His grace as a means to grow according to His perfect plans and are respecting God by dressing modestly-- sister I salute you and celebrate your growth in Christ, keep shining and honoring God! 

It has been brought to my attention, that not every lady who has decided to live for Christ actually understands modesty or how to dress decently. Not every sister is being modest with their fashion choices and personal style. This could be for a number of reasons...maybe:

1) You do want to be modest, but you don't actually own any modest items 
2) You don't really evaluate if something is modest or not, because you aren't sure or can't be bothered
3) You have never been taught what modesty is all about 
4) You have heard about modesty, but deliberately decide to dishonor God & live for yourself 

I don't know all the reasons, I have just listed a few, but whatever the reason, we who say we love God, must love what He loves...we cannot live for our own desires and say we also are living for God's, so we have to daily make a decision, of who we will serve. God, or flesh, as we can't do both.  If you want to change and become modest in your dress, then I hope these next posts will help you. If you already are submitted to the truth on modesty, I hope these posts, help to encourage you to keep doing the right thing. For those that follow me on YouTube you will already know about this, but for those that don't, please join me on YouTube.:D 

I have had to learn how to dress decently, over the years through trial and error. We seem to have a generation that are really stylish, however not modest according to scripture. I myself am still learning and growing in this area, from the inside out. I have really come a long way from how I used to dress and the type of heart I used to have. Since growing more in love with Jesus I have been able to understand WHO He is and how I am made in His image -- also what that means I am supposed to look like--to look like Royalty being one of them. 

'So God created human beings in HIS own image. In the image of God He created them; male and female He created them. ~ Genesis 1:27

Since growing to understand His standard of holiness through reading and studying His commandments and love, it has given me a desire to also be holy as He is and has called us to be. 

On my YouTube channel I will be doing a series of videos on 'Modest Dressing Essentials'. This will be detailing key staples we should have in our wardrobe in order to dress modestly.

Dressing modestly requires a modest wardrobe! We need to actually have basic items that do the role of clothes-- cover us up. We have to have items that allow us to honor and worship God openly with our bodies. The first video I did was on ' Tips for tops' highlighting the importance of vest tops. I really hope that these videos bless you, inspire and shape you into being Set Apart women for Jesus. 

He loves us SO much, and I believe He desires a Bride that is clothed in dignity, decently, humility, purity, love, forgiveness and all the wonderful things God encompasses. You are SO precious! Brought at a HIGH price; Christ's blood. 

'Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body.' ~ 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20

Let's do this ladies! Let's honor God in our lives and dress. So here it goes:

Here are a few items every women desiring to dress modestly should have, which I will be covering in more detail, in the videos. 

 Strapless tops, to help cover the breasts, especially with low cut or baggy tops.

 Vest tops, to help cover cleavage for those shirts and blouses.

 A Blazer to cover the back, arms (for some) and to complement outfits.

 A belt to modify those over sized looks & to hold your trousers in place  

SAFETY PINS - to hold fabric or items in place and to cover cleavage.

 Midi A line skirts, because they are modest in length and totally CUTE

 Black pencil skirt to act as a slip for dresses

More tips will be available on the YouTube page in weeks to come, so please subscribe to be updated. Please also send in your questions or queries about dressing, and I will seek to answer them in the videos. 

Tips for tops: The first video which is uploaded on the YouTube channel, was about the importance of a vest top--check it out. For the next weeks, I will be covering different tips for tops, dresses, bottoms and other styling related things.

Staple items to have in the wardrobe. I'm really looking forward to showing you my version of this in real life.

Outfit for the work place--Feel free to add tights that complement your complexion, if it is really cold during the winter. #SetApartStyle

Dressing casual for the winter--maybe for those days off work, or even working where you are permitted to dress down. Just because it's casual doesn't mean it can't be creative. 

Dressing for a special event--such as a dinner, wedding or graduation. I am gradating next week and so I am putting together an outfit which is classy, comfortable yet also warm. 

The fur jacket, really helps to draw attention away from this fitted dress, although it may fit differently on different body shapes. 

I look forward to seeing you at Set Apart Style. <<  Click here for the first video. 
Remember to email me or comment below with any questions, so we can do this -- together for Him. 

With love and style, 
Nash Amber  

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