4 December 2013

Modest Styling & more ♡

Heyyy!! I have been meaning to post on here but I have been on the move a lot and busy with styling matters. Hehe. 

I have been working on the modest styling for a while, (which some of you know about -- thank God & thank you to those that have been supportive! I appreciate you! ♡) God has been faithful!! 

Many don't know that I have also started an online boutique to complement the modest styling, & practically provide you with items for your wardrobe too. My desire is to one day be able to supply my sisters with modest & stylish clothing, by His Grace!! God is faithful & I am trusting in His timing and leading. The stretching I'm going through in this season is REAL - I will share at the appointed time. 

This isn't an official opening but an update and to share with you that 'A Set Apart Boutique' is here! thanks to God's constant encouragement!! Within this boutique there are 'Set Apart GEMS' (which I hashtag when me or others wear). #SetApartGEMS is a range of accessories (mainly statement necklaces at present), carefully picked with YOU in mind! To complement your modest looks. :D Modesty is still right & Purity is only possible with Jesus. ♡

'A Set Apart Boutique' will be at a pop up boutique only for THIS Friday, Saturday, & Sunday coming up. Come and be among one of the first people to purchase items before the online site name is released--all in His perfect time. Of course I will be doing personal styling -- giving tips on how you can modestly present yourself on the day too, how can I not?! Hehe. 

Please feel free to bring outfits down or photos of outfits you want to complement with our accessories. There may also be a make up artist in the building, so we can really DO this! 

POP Up Boutique | Location:
Basement ~ Little Gems Boutique. 243 Victoria Park Road, London, E9 7HD

Shout out to @Esfront for hosting this! Follow them too! 

Below are some of the Set Apart GEMS in action. 

Me and my beautiful friend and sister Cali, all the way from NYC. I love her. 

Out at the weekend for my graduation dinner with family.
Wearing another one of the Set Apart GEMS. 

Lovely skirt from Asos! Midi skirts are great, Asos have so many skirts like this one, in different prints and all. Have a look. 

• Midi Skirt - Asos 
• Top - Primark 
• Blazed - HnM 
• Envelop clutch - Primark 
• Footwear - Next 
• Necklace - Set Apart GEMS

Isn't she lovely?! Yes, she is. I'm so thankful for your support AdeLady. 

Me and my beautiful Bessie ALady.

Footwear: New Look 

Necklace - Set Apart GEMS 

• Blouse - Primark 
• Bag - Burberry's 
• Footwear - New Look 
• Necklace - Set Apart GEMS 

Me and my bessie stepped out of our cars and looked at each other and laughed! Same footwear, tanned bag & look of the day. Not planned but yet again we complemented each other in our modest looks. 

At a baby shower yesterday, it was my first one ever and it was absolutely right that Mr and Mrs were both there! The Father of the child invited his friends and brothers and the Mother invited hers. It was an awesome evening! Fun clean games! It was so encouraging to be able to celebrate in such a way, the baby that is to come; With Jesus at the centre. 

I loved it!

I've had a fun weekend! I have a busy week ahead, in prep for this weekend but I will be uploading things on my Instagram and Facebook page. Join me there.

Love to you all and hope that you are growing in the knowledge of Gods love towards YOU. 

With love, 
Nash Amber ♡

Ps: Look forward to meeting and seeing some of you this weekend at the pop up shop. 

'The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever; Do not forsake the works of Your hands.' ~ Psalms 138:8

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