20 January 2014

Navy, Navy, Navy

Hey Sis, I wanted to share another styling inspiration with you today. It is a modest look I put together with items I already had in my wardrobe and also a cute handbag from my Mum's wardrobe. She has amazing clothes, shoes and heels, so it is SO handy when I do not have a certain colour or style from my own. Also we are the same shoe size, so it helps SO much! 

Being as slim as I am, wearing all black is not something I do often, but I really do like Navy a lot. What inspired me to put this look together was the Navy dress top and the nude tone heels. Both pieces are really comfortable, practical to wear and also work well together- colour wise.  I wanted to wear both, to service on Sunday, but wanted something simple for the day. 

I rolled my jeans up because I really like the look it gives against heels-- also I really like my ankles and how they look in certain footwear. Random right? But I as I have studied God's masterpiece aka Me (and you too), but as I have looked at myself and the things He has made me with, my ankles are something I really grew to like a lot! 

Do you ever thank God for how He made you? I try to as often as I remember. 

I picked this nude/ caramel tones (not really sure what to call it at present), to complement the blue... Then I finished off the look with one of the statement pieces from A Set Apart Boutique. 

I have worn this dress top many times before, but always with trousers because it is a knitted jumper and also has the dip in the hem. From the front it reveals my thighs, so I wouldn't personally wear it by itself. I believe my thighs don't need to be displayed to the public. One day I will try a pencil skirt with it and see if it works.

Hair Update: 

I got my hair done last weekend, in crochet braids, following a video on YouTube. I didn't do this myself, but my Step Mum did it for me. I used a synthetic hair brand and it feels SO great. I can't feel it on my hair, as it is not heavy. It is a great protective style. 

If I could change one thing it would be how much the hair sheds in comparison to other hair I have used, so I will be adding more hair as the weeks go on, so it does not look to flat, in comparison to how I would like it to look. All in all, I am pleased with the style and MUCH prefer it to the weave I got last year. 

Outfit Details:

~ Dress Top: Dorothy Perkins
~ Leather Crop Jacket: TK MAXX
~ Statement Necklace: A Set Apart Boutique 
~ Jeans:  FCUK
~ Heels: Primark
~ Handbag: Prada 

It's not that we always need  new items ladies, most times we just need a new perspective on how to wear the items we already have. Restyling is my thing! 

With Love, 
Nash Amber x 

A song that has been on repeat for me, so far this week is shared below. The WORDS to this prayer and worship is a lot! I find that sometimes I don't know how to articulate what I feel in my Spirit towards God and wanting to let Him know just how much I love Him, then a beautiful song will come into my life and speak it, as if I was saying it...I don't know if that ever happens to you too. 

A heart that desires to become or stay pure, must be filled with worship to Jesus. 
In Spirit & in truth. 

8 January 2014

A Word A Month Study - JAN 14

Hi All,

Thank you to those that have been following me on YouTube and are aware of the word a month study I will be doing in 2014. Check out this video if this is new to you.  Thank you for your patience towards me, as I have been seeking the Lord regarding what word to start with. 

I have decided to look and study one word for each month of the year, words that I see in the word constantly, I may have some knowledge on what it means, but I want to go deeper and really understand God’s meaning for it. These are words relating to being Set Apart disciples for God and truly having the type of character He desires to see in His bride.

Now, the first word for this year is…*drum roll*…….. [HOLY SPIRIT]

Click here to watch the video below, sharing why this word is first and how it came about. I have put below verses that I will be looking at. As I read and study, I am seeking to find treasure -- to find the truth on the matter, of HOW I am supposed to live with the Holy Spirit as a born again believer. To understand why God left us with such a gift? We may have been filled once upon a time, but we could completely be leaning on our own strength and not His. Do we REALLY understand the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives & in the church?

I believe that the Word has ALL the answers, yet one must SEEK in order to FIND. One must PURSUE Him and He will reveal Himself to whoever is hungry for more of Him. 

Here are a few questions I know that will be answered by the Word:

Who is the Holy Spirit?
   How do we receive the Holy Spirit?
  Who is it for?
    What is the evidence that you have the Holy Spirit?
      What are the benefits for the Holy Spirit?
    What is being Spirit led all about?
   What does the Spirit led us to do?
     What should my life looking like, as one filled with the Holy Spirit?
       Am I sensitive to the Spirit?
     Do I recognise the Spirit of God? 
Am I obedient to His leading?

You may have more questions about the Holy Spirit, but these are questions I will be revisiting. I have done a study and had teachings on this before, but a Set Apart Bride is one who revisits the word and allows it to be deeply rooted in the heart.

His Word on the Holy Spirit:

  Romans 8
     Jude 20-25
      John 16:5-15
  Acts 1 & 2 and beyond
 Luke 11:9-13
 Joel 2:28
    John 3
John 7:37-39
  1 Corinthians 12
 1 Corinthians 14:1
  Acts 18:24 –Acts 19:1-7

We are studying the word, not reading alone. You will find  that studying will take you all across the word, so be prepared to delve into His life giving word!

2 Timothy 3:16
All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,'

Doctrine – Teaching us what is right
Reproof – Teaching us what is wrong
Correction – Teaching us how to get right
Instruction – Teaching us how to stay right

Let's get the WORD in our hearts and the WORLD out.  

I will be doing a fellowship via Skype...once a month... for those that want to join, and will give details to those that email me.


Grace and peace be multiplied to you as you study and spend quiet time with Him.

With love,
Nash Amber

4 January 2014

New Year, Old You? Renew the mind | 2014

Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord & saviour, Jesus Christ! 

2014 has started with a great BANG for me. The trials have already been rolling, heart surgery has begin, the pressing is taking place and I am HOLDING unto the promises of The King. I recognise that no matter the day or year, nothing will change for me unless I change. 

I have learnt in my walk that if I do not meditate on the word I will end up meditating on the world. If our focus is not Christ! It becomes the cares of this world--focusing on the problems rather than the Solution. 

My look for New Years Eve. Kente Accessories form Ghana & semi twist out.
After fellowship with my sister back in January 2013--that is when I started this post but I was not led to post it last year. It is SO important that we revisit lessons learnt in Christ, because as James tells us, it's the en-grafting word that is able to save our souls... (Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls.~James 1:21 KJV)

En-grafting takes effort, time and purposeful focus on a particular area. Think about carving your name into a table or a tree, one stroke will not produce an indent that will last. Gods word doesn't become en-grafted & implemented in us by reading it once, we must study, apply & revisit also. :) 

After that fellowship, The Lord highlighted to us just how important it is to Him, that we all RENEW our minds. He showed me just how much He wants me transformed to be like Him and think like Him. We can't be like Him without allowing our mind sets to be challenged and changed.

a gift from my sister to me. 

Without surrendering our thinking and thoughts, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to think as Christ would and does. As a result we then entertain lies such as:
You're not that pretty. 
Others are progressing in life and you're not. 
You don't have what it takes to run that business God has told you to start.
You're not really that loved, people just tolerate you. 
You are a lost cause, not even God can change someone like you! 

These lies and many other examples, can become your thought pattern, when not cast down. You may have a few good weeks of not saying anything negative but then it's still in the back of your mind, until it then overflows and erupts one day when you begin to 'rant' and you think to yourself  'where is all this coming from?!'..

WE need to change, to see change! Use this new year to transform your thinking to be as Christ is, so that you can walk in the fullness of who He has made you to be. Baring His image. We can say we trust God has us,  but does your thinking support your claims of being so for Jesus?
Does your thought act as evidence that you believe these proclamations or are you thinking the opposite but saying good things. Bad thinking plus good confession = confusion and double mindedness, which James addresses and calls unstable.

Anxiety is the result of over thinking negatively and badly using the gift of your imagination. Worry is not one of things Jesus left for us, infact He taught us in Matthew 6 not to worry, then in Philippians 4:6-8 we are told to not be anxious and to think only on what is good, truth, praise worthy etc.

I am learning to apply that scripture, by practicing, taking each thought through that process of 'are you pure, lovely, of good report?' Our imagination is a gift from God that many of us have used and are still misusing to create negative ideas and thought life, when infact we can reverse it and get on page with our Maker and think like Him.

Genesis show's us that Gods thinking created as He spoke what He saw and then He saw it physically. That's why death and life are in the power of the tongue.

What you think, becomes your talk and then that will become your so called reality. So what do we do when wrong thinking has overtaken us???!!! We repent and get right with God first and then ask for grace to apply what we are reading in the pages of His word.

He says; think of things that are lovely, we should ask... For the grace to do that.

You may be reading this post and be in agreement with it and also learn something from His Spirit, but please know that the word you are hearing IS going to be tested. It's only in the tests that we know where we stand & if we are growing. So don't be alarmed, be prepared. 

Get your thinking in order this year because if we still have a warped mindset but have stepped into a new year and are expecting big changes to just fall out of the sky... it's not going to happen! 

Without going through the process of renewing our mind, from a natural state to becoming Spiritual, a year new will not mean automatic newness in you. Newness comes from Christ. He refreshes the soul, cleanses the heart and reNEWs the mind. 

Many are stuck in the carnal stage and don't even know it. You should be thinking like Christ but you still think part natural; CARNAL mind is enmity against God. We cannot afford to be carnal this year, we need to be Spiritually minded. Be prepared to be wrong, corrected and chastised even from the things you thought was acceptable in 2012 & 2013, even yesterday! 

This is a new year, and so let God transform you into a new you. The original you He thought about as psalms 139 shows us. A new you that is FULL of wisdom, love, grace, secure, confident, faithful, free, able to be all God desires and more. Be full of Christ this year. 

Live out; Psalms 119:11 and Proverbs 4:29-24. ( Have a look at what the word says for yourself--c'mon, don't be lazy!) 

I have had this album on repeat, especially Beautiful Mystery.
Worship to Jesus is so POWERFUL & beautiful. 

In closing, here are some questions I am asking myself and also points I am reminding myself of: 

• Right thinking comes from right intake.
• What are you mediating on? What are the make up of your thoughts ideas? 
• Where is God in all of these thoughts? 
•What does your thinking say about you?
• What you feed grows and what you starve dies. So what are you giving thought to?
• The word says to us that 'as a man thinketh, so is he'.
• Are most of your thoughts fearful, worrying or are they content, satisfied and secure in knowing WHO God is, so that you know who you are.
• Are your thoughts bringing glory to God? Does the meditation of your heart deem to be acceptable in the sight of God?

• If your thoughts were exposed for all to see, would others be inspired to know Jesus?  Would your thoughts testify of His cleansing power IN YOU? 

Jesus makes the change, so do not be condemned. Just accept His holy standard of living and get involved! 

I am pressing towards the mark! Holy as He is holy!  Join me if you please....have a watch. 

Comment below to enter in the prize draw. 
With love,
Nash Amber