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Navy, Navy, Navy

Hey Sis, I wanted to share another styling inspiration with you today. It is a modest look I put together with items I already had in my wardrobe and also a cute handbag from my Mum's wardrobe. She has amazing clothes, shoes and heels, so it is SO handy when I do not have a certain colour or style from my own. Also we are the same shoe size, so it helps SO much! 
Being as slim as I am, wearing all black is not something I do often, but I really do like Navy a lot. What inspired me to put this look together was the Navy dress top and the nude tone heels. Both pieces are really comfortable, practical to wear and also work well together- colour wise.  I wanted to wear both, to service on Sunday, but wanted something simple for the day. 
I rolled my jeans up because I really like the look it gives against heels-- also I really like my ankles and how they look in certain footwear. Random right? But I as I have studied God's masterpiece aka Me (and you too), but as I have looked at…

A Word A Month Study - JAN 14

Hi All,
Thank you to those that have been following me on YouTube and are aware of the word a month study I will be doing in 2014. Check out this video if this is new to you.  Thank you for your patience towards me, as I have been seeking the Lord regarding what word to start with. 
I have decided to look and study one word for each month of the year, words that I see in the word constantly, I may have some knowledge on what it means, but I want to go deeper and really understand God’s meaning for it. These are words relating to being Set Apart disciples for God and truly having the type of character He desires to see in His bride.
Now, the first word for this year is…*drum roll*…….. [HOLY SPIRIT]
Click here to watch the video below, sharing why this word is first and how it came about. I have put below verses that I will be looking at. As I read and study, I am seeking to find treasure -- to find the truth on the matter, of HOW I am supposed to live with the Holy Spirit as a born …

New Year, Old You? Renew the mind | 2014

Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord & saviour, Jesus Christ! 
2014 has started with a great BANG for me. The trials have already been rolling, heart surgery has begin, the pressing is taking place and I am HOLDING unto the promises of The King. I recognise that no matter the day or year, nothing will change for me unless I change. 
I have learnt in my walk that if I do not meditate on the word I will end up meditating on the world. If our focus is not Christ! It becomes the cares of this world--focusing on the problems rather than the Solution. 
After fellowship with my sister back in January 2013--that is when I started this post but I was not led to post it last year. It is SO important that we revisit lessons learnt in Christ, because as James tells us, it's the en-grafting word that is able to save our souls... (Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls.~J…