8 January 2014

A Word A Month Study - JAN 14

Hi All,

Thank you to those that have been following me on YouTube and are aware of the word a month study I will be doing in 2014. Check out this video if this is new to you.  Thank you for your patience towards me, as I have been seeking the Lord regarding what word to start with. 

I have decided to look and study one word for each month of the year, words that I see in the word constantly, I may have some knowledge on what it means, but I want to go deeper and really understand God’s meaning for it. These are words relating to being Set Apart disciples for God and truly having the type of character He desires to see in His bride.

Now, the first word for this year is…*drum roll*…….. [HOLY SPIRIT]

Click here to watch the video below, sharing why this word is first and how it came about. I have put below verses that I will be looking at. As I read and study, I am seeking to find treasure -- to find the truth on the matter, of HOW I am supposed to live with the Holy Spirit as a born again believer. To understand why God left us with such a gift? We may have been filled once upon a time, but we could completely be leaning on our own strength and not His. Do we REALLY understand the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives & in the church?

I believe that the Word has ALL the answers, yet one must SEEK in order to FIND. One must PURSUE Him and He will reveal Himself to whoever is hungry for more of Him. 

Here are a few questions I know that will be answered by the Word:

Who is the Holy Spirit?
   How do we receive the Holy Spirit?
  Who is it for?
    What is the evidence that you have the Holy Spirit?
      What are the benefits for the Holy Spirit?
    What is being Spirit led all about?
   What does the Spirit led us to do?
     What should my life looking like, as one filled with the Holy Spirit?
       Am I sensitive to the Spirit?
     Do I recognise the Spirit of God? 
Am I obedient to His leading?

You may have more questions about the Holy Spirit, but these are questions I will be revisiting. I have done a study and had teachings on this before, but a Set Apart Bride is one who revisits the word and allows it to be deeply rooted in the heart.

His Word on the Holy Spirit:

  Romans 8
     Jude 20-25
      John 16:5-15
  Acts 1 & 2 and beyond
 Luke 11:9-13
 Joel 2:28
    John 3
John 7:37-39
  1 Corinthians 12
 1 Corinthians 14:1
  Acts 18:24 –Acts 19:1-7

We are studying the word, not reading alone. You will find  that studying will take you all across the word, so be prepared to delve into His life giving word!

2 Timothy 3:16
All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,'

Doctrine – Teaching us what is right
Reproof – Teaching us what is wrong
Correction – Teaching us how to get right
Instruction – Teaching us how to stay right

Let's get the WORD in our hearts and the WORLD out.  

I will be doing a fellowship via Skype...once a month... for those that want to join, and will give details to those that email me.


Grace and peace be multiplied to you as you study and spend quiet time with Him.

With love,
Nash Amber


  1. Thanks for taking the time to do this Nash. I really appreciate it and you. I will be checking out these Scriptures. Im excited to find out more about the Holy Spirit and to understand fully. X

    1. I hope the study was fruitful for you and that you learnt more too. It doesn't even have to stop because Jan is over. Keep pursuing Him. Xxxx

  2. When is the Skype meeting? Did I miss it?

    1. Hey Lady, on this occasion yes. We had it on Friday just gone. But by His grace we can fellowship anyhow on a day that suits us. Xx

  3. Definitely going to study the word. I feel i know nothing of the holy spirit that resides in me.

  4. I pray that as you read the word that it becomes alive to you and that you become enlightened to what gift He has left to us. Ignorance is not His way for any of us. He desires to teach us, so may we be students to His teachings.