20 January 2014

Navy, Navy, Navy

Hey Sis, I wanted to share another styling inspiration with you today. It is a modest look I put together with items I already had in my wardrobe and also a cute handbag from my Mum's wardrobe. She has amazing clothes, shoes and heels, so it is SO handy when I do not have a certain colour or style from my own. Also we are the same shoe size, so it helps SO much! 

Being as slim as I am, wearing all black is not something I do often, but I really do like Navy a lot. What inspired me to put this look together was the Navy dress top and the nude tone heels. Both pieces are really comfortable, practical to wear and also work well together- colour wise.  I wanted to wear both, to service on Sunday, but wanted something simple for the day. 

I rolled my jeans up because I really like the look it gives against heels-- also I really like my ankles and how they look in certain footwear. Random right? But I as I have studied God's masterpiece aka Me (and you too), but as I have looked at myself and the things He has made me with, my ankles are something I really grew to like a lot! 

Do you ever thank God for how He made you? I try to as often as I remember. 

I picked this nude/ caramel tones (not really sure what to call it at present), to complement the blue... Then I finished off the look with one of the statement pieces from A Set Apart Boutique. 

I have worn this dress top many times before, but always with trousers because it is a knitted jumper and also has the dip in the hem. From the front it reveals my thighs, so I wouldn't personally wear it by itself. I believe my thighs don't need to be displayed to the public. One day I will try a pencil skirt with it and see if it works.

Hair Update: 

I got my hair done last weekend, in crochet braids, following a video on YouTube. I didn't do this myself, but my Step Mum did it for me. I used a synthetic hair brand and it feels SO great. I can't feel it on my hair, as it is not heavy. It is a great protective style. 

If I could change one thing it would be how much the hair sheds in comparison to other hair I have used, so I will be adding more hair as the weeks go on, so it does not look to flat, in comparison to how I would like it to look. All in all, I am pleased with the style and MUCH prefer it to the weave I got last year. 

Outfit Details:

~ Dress Top: Dorothy Perkins
~ Leather Crop Jacket: TK MAXX
~ Statement Necklace: A Set Apart Boutique 
~ Jeans:  FCUK
~ Heels: Primark
~ Handbag: Prada 

It's not that we always need  new items ladies, most times we just need a new perspective on how to wear the items we already have. Restyling is my thing! 

With Love, 
Nash Amber x 

A song that has been on repeat for me, so far this week is shared below. The WORDS to this prayer and worship is a lot! I find that sometimes I don't know how to articulate what I feel in my Spirit towards God and wanting to let Him know just how much I love Him, then a beautiful song will come into my life and speak it, as if I was saying it...I don't know if that ever happens to you too. 

A heart that desires to become or stay pure, must be filled with worship to Jesus. 
In Spirit & in truth. 

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