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Understanding Modesty

I have come a long way from the way I used to dress and more importantly where I used to place my value and worth. I am so surprised sometimes, that God would have me talking on such a subject and that my passion for styling and presentation would be used to glorify Him. Just goes to show me, really how much I can worship Him with ALL of me, if I choose to.
Since growing in Christ and letting Him love and Father me, I have grown to love His standard of holiness and purity through His spirit. When dealing with modesty, the real changes take place in the heart, which then change the behaviour. Today in Christ, I am a firm believer that it's very possible to be Stylish and Fashionable without having to compromise your worth and dress immodestly. I understand that I am loved by God and set apart for Him, therefore my body is exclusively for Him
Areas to my body such as my thighs, my lower back, my tummy, my breasts (sometimes breast plate) and overall shape/silhouette, are all area…

A Word A Month - FEB 14

Thank you for your patience and also to those that have checked in with me following the Holy Spirit study which I have to say is an on going study for me. I learn more about the life I should live with Him in me as I ask Him questions!

So..... the word this month that I have been delving to discover and look beyond the surface of is ......P U R I T Y/ PURE! 
Being pure, spotless, blameless is a standard spoken about SO much about the bride of Christ and I will write another post another time of what I am learning and applying.
I would have shared the word I am studying before-- like last month, but really was not one of the things I was led to do before today. Me and God are dealing with somethings in my heart and life, so it has meant taking a break from posting and writing as frequent as I would before. I am well, in Him. I am simply going through what I need to, in order to become ALL of who He created me to be. I hope you understand. :) 

I recently was invited out to an event ca…