17 February 2014

A Word A Month - FEB 14

Thank you for your patience and also to those that have checked in with me following the Holy Spirit study which I have to say is an on going study for me. I learn more about the life I should live with Him in me as I ask Him questions!

So..... the word this month that I have been delving to discover and look beyond the surface of is ......P U R I T Y/ PURE! 
Being pure, spotless, blameless is a standard spoken about SO much about the bride of Christ and I will write another post another time of what I am learning and applying.

I would have shared the word I am studying before-- like last month, but really was not one of the things I was led to do before today. Me and God are dealing with somethings in my heart and life, so it has meant taking a break from posting and writing as frequent as I would before. I am well, in Him. I am simply going through what I need to, in order to become ALL of who He created me to be. I hope you understand. :) 

I recently was invited out to an event called 'Passion and Purity' which had me studying the topic but there was SO much that I wanted to continue with this. Being a godly women REQUIRES purity and so I am aiming to discover, what pure living for Jesus is like and to live it out by His grace. 

Miss Nicole and I at the Passion & Purity event.

This month I have been enjoying my natural hair. It has grown since my chop in July 2013 and I am so grateful. 

At a wedding earlier this month. 
Another Sunday OOTD
Twist Out Result. First time rocking my hair like this.I like it!

Something me and my sister made which was so tasty.
Different countries call this different things,but in my language we call this Mikate. 

ENCOURAGEMENT for myself at the moment. My HOPE is in Him!

In God I trust. 

See you next post,
Nash Amber


  1. Love love your hair. I just love seeing natural beauties.

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    1. Hey Hey! Thank you for stopping by. I am really enjoying my natural hair..it's so new to me but fun to play around with.