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Wisdom is the principal thing - March 2014

Hey Reader,
A word a month study is continuing for me. I must be honest, I forgot about the study, coming into this month, and only remembered yesterday--3 days in. Rather than feeling sorry for not starting from day 1, I just started anyway, and I will read back the 2 days I missed.
So as the title of the post shows, this month I am going to be studying W I S D O M.
The whole reason I started the study of a word a month was because I wanted to learn further the make up of being a godly woman, based on words I constantly see in the word related to this. Wisdom is something which is personified in Proverbs as a woman and I know from my walk so far, that is is actually crucial to being a disciple for Christ in this world.
Wisdom is a must for any woman desiring to be godly/holy/modest. If you check out my post on Understanding Modesty, you will also see that wisdom is needed in order to even dress in a decent manner. Sometimes you may go shopping and find a really nice dress, but you c…