4 March 2014

Wisdom is the principal thing - March 2014

Hey Reader,
A word a month study is continuing for me. I must be honest, I forgot about the study, coming into this month, and only remembered yesterday--3 days in. Rather than feeling sorry for not starting from day 1, I just started anyway, and I will read back the 2 days I missed.

So as the title of the post shows, this month I am going to be studying W I S D O M.

The whole reason I started the study of a word a month was because I wanted to learn further the make up of being a godly woman, based on words I constantly see in the word related to this. Wisdom is something which is personified in Proverbs as a woman and I know from my walk so far, that is is actually crucial to being a disciple for Christ in this world.

It's me Nash Amber... Greetings! oxox
Wisdom is a must for any woman desiring to be godly/holy/modest. If you check out my post on Understanding Modesty, you will also see that wisdom is needed in order to even dress in a decent manner. Sometimes you may go shopping and find a really nice dress, but you can see that when you bend down, it rides right up...now wisdom would be to either put that dress down and keep looking for something else, or think of a way to modest-fy the dress..maybe wear it as a dress top with a pencil skirt underneath? or wear it with skinny jeans? or something, that will not expose His temple.

It takes wisdom to live with unsaved family or friends...to think before you speak and to lean on His spirit when speaking, and generally living. It takes wisdom to pick the right friends, and also even how to be around work colleagues and many other situations in life.

What I'm going to be doing is reading and studying a Proverb a day. So as today is March 4th, I will be looking at Proverbs 4, and tomorrow being the 5th, Proverbs 5...and so on. There are 31 days in March and 31 chapters in Proverbs. Proverbs is a book already known to be FULL of wisdom, from the counsel given from Solomon to his son.

Wisdom is closely linked to righteousness. We need wisdom as disciples of Christ in order to make conscious decisions that will lead us into righteousness. Wisdom gives us the opportunity to think about our actions, thoughts and intentions to then make the right decisions in the right time, and in the right way. {Genesis 3}-- Adam and Eve had FULL access to Wisdom and yet were deceived into thinking that they could get it outside of God/without God. They desired the right thing, but went about it the completely wrong way. There is a big lesson to be learnt in that. Right thing. Right Time in the Right way is wisdom, His way. 

Wisdom is the way God naturally does everything! Therefore it also gives me greater faith in believing Romans 8:28 - that all things work together for my good, because I love God (keep His commandments John 14:15) and am called according to His purpose. 

I am really looking forward to this study, because it is going to really change me, challenge my mindset and renew my mind to have the mind of Christ. James 1:5, tells us that if ANYONE lacks wisdom, they should ask God who gives liberally. I know I am in need of wisdom, everyday. The older I get and the more responsibilities the Lord entrusts me with, the more I have to lean on Him for wisdom--on my time management, money management, people management and so many other things. I am working these all out with Him still, but wisdom will take me there. 

In God I trust, and with Him all things are possible. He can transform the foolish to become wise. I have made MANY foolish decisions in my life so far, however His word empowers me and gives me the wisdom I need to not live the rest of my days making foolish decisions. I am excited about wisdom! 

Happy is the man that findeth wisdom and the man that getteth understanding. - Proverbs 3:13

When I blow dried and straightened my hair in celebration for my 6 month anniversary
since my Big Chop. I have now been natural for a total of 18 months if you count the 12 months I transitioned too. 

The result straight after I finished. My hair didn't stay bone straight which I have been VERY please about, as it has given me SO much volume and bounce since then. 
My hair is healthy, really light and nice.
Days after stretching my hair!.Whoop! Thanking the Lord for growth. 
Love this statement necklace. Thank you Sister Robbi -- my iron bar!

I love hats! So looking forward to hats this summer!! :D 
Big hair and I do care. Maintaining the glory and beauty He has entrusted me with. 

Proverbs chapter 2 is so cutting, oh my goodness! Get involved! I am really enjoying this study. Going to explore by His grace. 

With love and style,
Nash Amber