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African Print One Shoulder Dress

I made this circle skirt last week. I have taken up sewing lately and have really been enjoying it. An old love which I have really been working on, as I want to me able to make my own clothes. I styled this skirt with some of the fabric I had left over, to create this one shoulder dress effect. 
Vlog for this look is also available on the YouTube Channel. Set Apart Style   <<< Click to watch.
with love and style, Nash Amber oxo

Iro Buba - African Beauty

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!
I am so excited to share this post with you. It's a bit of a different post, as I am sharing a lot of photos I have found rather than what I have styled. Once I do my own version I shall share in a post or Vlog.
-I am Jesus Cultured yet I have African Background-
What do I mean? ... Well, I'm such a lover of Africa. I love being African, and being able to speak my language. My identity is not in being African or Congolese. My identity is in being God's daughter, but I happen to have an African background, which I do embrace -- to an extent. I do not place any opinion, idea or culture above the word of God. I am still being renewed in this, but my aim is to always be Jesus Cultured first. I  really desire to have a Kingdom personality and character about me. 
I understand through scripture that in the Kingdom of God our earthly nationalities do not matter--He still loves each of us-- and salvation is for ALL nations now. No matter your cultural backg…

ASAB is here!!

Hey Hey, 

It has been SO long since I last posted on here.Apologies! I have not been graced to write as I used to, but I have been able to do more videos! Whoop - whoop! 
I have a few posts planned to aid us, as we prepare for summer -- with still wanting to dress modest too. If you want to check out my styling Vlogs & to subscribe,
please YouTube - Set Apart Style. << Click the link
On another note....great news!! A Set Apart Boutique is now here!!! 
If you have me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & YouTube, you would have seen, but for you lovely readers who havent... ASAB is here, with a few GEMS for you. There will be more items added from time to time, so to stay up to date, follow us on Instagram. Thank you for supporting & joining us on the journey. 
My desire is really to help us women of God to remember God in everything, even shopping. As we shop, we can do so with Him & totally have the best outfit combos & creations.  This online store is dedicate…