27 May 2014

African Print One Shoulder Dress

I made this circle skirt last week. I have taken up sewing lately and have really been enjoying it. An old love which I have really been working on, as I want to me able to make my own clothes. I styled this skirt with some of the fabric I had left over, to create this one shoulder dress effect. 

Vlog for this look is also available on the YouTube Channel.
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with love and style,
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Iro Buba - African Beauty

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!

I am so excited to share this post with you. It's a bit of a different post, as I am sharing a lot of photos I have found rather than what I have styled. Once I do my own version I shall share in a post or Vlog.

-I am Jesus Cultured yet I have African Background-

What do I mean? ... Well, I'm such a lover of Africa. I love being African, and being able to speak my language. My identity is not in being African or Congolese. My identity is in being God's daughter, but I happen to have an African background, which I do embrace -- to an extent. I do not place any opinion, idea or culture above the word of God. I am still being renewed in this, but my aim is to always be Jesus Cultured first. I  really desire to have a Kingdom personality and character about me. 

I understand through scripture that in the Kingdom of God our earthly nationalities do not matter--He still loves each of us-- and salvation is for ALL nations now. No matter your cultural background, God can still en-graft you into His family and then use you to even reach that nation-- as you will have an understanding on how to address them. 

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. - Galatians 3:28

I see that we are all designed and created with different hair types, skin complexions and features, to glorify Him. Same way not all animals or plants are the same but collectively they are beautiful. You do not see a dog trying to be a cat, or a rose trying to be a lily. Each has its own way of praising God by being in its intended place and fulfilling its purpose. 

I believe that me being African serves a purpose for Him. I do not know fully how, at present but I know that I love having an African background. I love the skin He made me with, the natural hair type He gave me, the beautiful Congolese food He allowed to feed me, for many years & the respect I have learnt from my family, growing up. I didn't always appreciate having this background but it really has helped to shape who I am in Him & I see that today. 

I am now born again into the Kingdom of God, so my primary focus is to be Jesus Cultured above anything else. So respond and do things according to the Kingdom of God and not just because its the Congolese thing to do. Some traditions go against the word of God, whereas others do not, and are part of Gods plan for us to do. 

Mark 7:10-13
For Moses said, ‘Honor your father and your mother’; and, ‘He who curses father or mother, let him be put to death.’But you say, ‘If a man says to his father or mother, “Whatever profit you might have received from me is Corban”—’ (that is, a gift to God),  then you no longer let him do anything for his father or his mother,  making the word of God of no effect through your tradition which you have handed down. And many such things you do.

- Love for the Iro Buba -

I enjoy many elements to being African -- I think there is so much beauty in how God created us. I also really enjoy wearing African printed items such as Ankara, which we call Maputa in my language. 

Below is a look I think is so beautiful and modest, that I will definitely be involved in some day soon.The look /outfit is known as 'Iro Buba'... Iro is the skirt/bottom section and the Buba is the top which is normally made to complement the skirt. 

I understand that it is the traditional wear for Nigerian ladies/Aunties, however this is a modern twist to the traditional wear, for us young ladies too, which is SO elegant, classy and modest. It really just rings 'African Queen' to me. Not to say they you must be African to wear this (as you see by the model below), but it really is a beautiful two piece, which looks like a dress in some cases. 

- Body Talks -

This style of wear will complement SO many different shapes and body types as there are so many ways you can create this look. If you are tall you can have enough fabric to make the skirt long - like a maxi skirt,  keep it midi or even knee length. You can have it long sleeved and also play with the length of the skirt. As women wanting to remain exclusive for Christ (& our husbands - as God wills) this is SO perfect for guaranteeing it is decently covered. 
No cut outs here! Whoop!   

You do have to be careful of the fabric you use. Originally I think it was done with Ankara, which is more 'hard' in some cases, so it may not flow as you desire. I would want mine to flow a lot more, so I would opt for a more lightweight fabric. A light weight fabric means I do have to wear a black pencil skirt and strapless top under to be sure that the transparent fabric doesn't expose my body. 

One of my favorites form the collection. SO elegant, modest and creative. 

 I personally would not have the off the shoulder showing as much as this, because it can begin to move down the looking sexy route, and I hate that. I find that when a type of fabric is flimsy and appears to be falling, it causes the mind, to think 'for far could it fall'. Not everyone may think this to be true, but I have had the Holy Spirit show me this and I welcome His perfect word and wisdom. 

Fabric really plays a big part in how things are presented.

I personally consider all these things and take my body shape into consideration, so I would have the shoulder raised more than this, but I like the print of the yellow and blue. 

She styled this SO well! This is the type of fabric I would opt for.
It's much like stretch fabric, but not the cheap looking kind. 

 I personally would not want my thigh showing like this, because upon sitting, dancing for the Lord and generally doing things, it would become exposed, even when I don't realise, so I would either tie it lower to have more length, or put a slip underneath, that comes to my knees. 

The Same Red Statement Piece is avaiable at: www.set-apart.co.uk | Refined Love £15

They were just SO cute, I wanted to share! hehe

More posts of African wear still to come, as summer is coming.

Check out this Vlog on how I styled my African Circle Skirt

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Photos are collected from all over the net, so I apologise for not providing credits.

19 May 2014

ASAB is here!!

Hey Hey, 

It has been SO long since I last posted on here.Apologies! I have not been graced to write as I used to, but I have been able to do more videos! Whoop - whoop! 

I have a few posts planned to aid us, as we prepare for summer -- with still wanting to dress modest too. If you want to check out my styling Vlogs & to subscribe,
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On another note....great news!! A Set Apart Boutique is now here!!! 

If you have me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & YouTube, you would have seen, but for you lovely readers who havent... ASAB is here, with a few GEMS for you. There will be more items added from time to time, so to stay up to date, follow us on Instagram.
Thank you for supporting & joining us on the journey. 

My desire is really to help us women of God to remember God in everything, even shopping. As we shop, we can do so with Him & totally have the best outfit combos & creations. 
This online store is dedicated to pretty accessories for your modest looks. 

Here are some of the statement piece, in action. All styled by me-- I hope you enjoy and appreciate the hard work, & care we have put together, with YOU in mind. 

[Wow! Can't believe it! This vision becoming a reality is so surreal! 

Thank you for your support. Enjoy and happy shopping!! 

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