19 May 2014

ASAB is here!!

Hey Hey, 

It has been SO long since I last posted on here.Apologies! I have not been graced to write as I used to, but I have been able to do more videos! Whoop - whoop! 

I have a few posts planned to aid us, as we prepare for summer -- with still wanting to dress modest too. If you want to check out my styling Vlogs & to subscribe,
please YouTube - Set Apart Style. << Click the link

On another note....great news!! A Set Apart Boutique is now here!!! 

If you have me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & YouTube, you would have seen, but for you lovely readers who havent... ASAB is here, with a few GEMS for you. There will be more items added from time to time, so to stay up to date, follow us on Instagram.
Thank you for supporting & joining us on the journey. 

My desire is really to help us women of God to remember God in everything, even shopping. As we shop, we can do so with Him & totally have the best outfit combos & creations. 
This online store is dedicated to pretty accessories for your modest looks. 

Here are some of the statement piece, in action. All styled by me-- I hope you enjoy and appreciate the hard work, & care we have put together, with YOU in mind. 

[Wow! Can't believe it! This vision becoming a reality is so surreal! 

Thank you for your support. Enjoy and happy shopping!! 

With love & style,
Nash Amber 

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