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Vintage Inspired Look

Earlier on this week, I put together this vintage inspired look.  I hope the weather picks up in London, because I want to wear more of my summer items. 
I am having such a wonderful weekend. I started it with all night prayer with some saints, and it was so refreshing to be in His presence and to love on Him and have Him love on us.
I just want more of Him. To mature and be fully devoted to my relationship with Jesus, all the days of my life. 
~ Outfit Details ~
Shirt - Joy - Bag - Zara Cardigan - Fat Face Shoes - Office Shoes Pencil Skirt - French Connection
~ ~ ~

grace and love,  N A S H A M B E R 

Braids Updo Style - Kinky Twists

Hey Hey,

Welcome back to another post from me. Here's an outfit I put together, after styling my twists. I'm really liking this twisted up do and also the purple lip colour. I am not really into big, bright make up -- I generally like a very natural and simple look on my face. Although I do wear make up, I do not really do eye make up or coloured lips as much, but I like this colour on me.
I recently washed my twists and also re did some of the braids, as I wanted my hair to still be presentable. I really do not like it when my hair isn't looking nice or smelling fresh, so I tend to wash my braids, if I plan to keep them for longer. Also I like to keep my natural hair moisturised. 
What have I been up to? 
I have been on a course for the last 6-7 weeks with my local church and each week has been so helpful. The course has been a great recap on many areas, which I may share soon. It has really given me the opportunity to dig deeper, search my heart more and to really examin…

African Printed Dress

Good day to you! 
I really like this printed dress. I purchased it from a 'no name store' in West London, last summer for £5! It is one of those one size fits all dresses as it is really really big, but I could see the potential it had.  I always wear it with a belt to give it a nicer shape, yet I love how flowy it is overall. 
It gives me coverage yet, because the fabric is so light it is so nice on my skin in the hot weather. I even wore it in Ghana and people out there really liked it too & complemented me on it.
It has two slight splits either side of the seam, so I wear a vest top underneath and a knee length black jersey style skirt, which is loose yet gives me the coverage when I walk and sit. 
I like bold prints and colours, especially in the summer. Below are some photos of the same dress, yet worn with heels to dress it up and also with standard sandals for a much more casual look.  So simple, yet effortlessly stylish -- just the way I like it. No fuss, yet I am…

Styling Dorothy Perkins Skirts

This week I decided to share with you all, how to style up a range of skirts I like to wear. I believe such skirts are timeless items to invest in, no matter the season. There are so many places to purchase such skirts yet most of the skirts below are from Dorothy Perkins (unless otherwise stated). 
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It's nice to be a respectable lady. Knowing God - discovering God - yielding to God - seeing your value & worth through His eyes - being more secure through His word - loving yourself - letting Him cleanse you from all the 'little things' that don't seem like a big deal, but are hindering you & me from being that blameless bride. 
Dressing with God in mind & heart is so beautiful. He is our focus, desire & ultimate satisfaction. ~ Even if this isn't what our hearts are saying yet...Let us declare it to Him, pray this & meditate on it ( Mark 12:30) until it is our reality. #…