18 July 2014

Styling Culottes


I'm really pleased to be able to share this post with you all today. I have been meaning to talk about culottes for a while, as I always receive so many questions and complements about the ones I have and wear. 

Culottes, are basically the word for 'shorts' in French, however they are slightly different to average shorts. I find that not many ladies take to culottes much, so you may not see them around as much, but honestly, if you search hard enough you will find plenty of lovely culottes to invest in. 

I love the vintage touch to this item. That was the main reason I started wearing them again. When I was younger these were very big for my parents era, so it's not a new style. It's just recycled fashion from a time when clothes actually covered people's bodies!

You can find them that they do come in all different lengths, but I personally always go for the ones that fall on my knee or below, purely because I do not support showing my thighs. 

 Below are a number of outfit ideas with culottes, that I styled around for the summer time...for you ladies, who may want to get involved. 

Why I like culottes:

~ They tend to look like a skirt, but are not, which is great as I can be active without indecent exposure.
~ They are so stylish and easy to wear. 
~ They do tend to be very modest, as they are flowy & come in great lengths.
~ It totally has a vintage look to it and that is something I love a lot!

Outfit details:
Necklace: From Ghana | Top: Primark | Culottes: Primark | Jacket: New Look
| Sunglasses: New Look | Shoes: ALDO | Bag: Elizabeth Arden

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  1. Lovely... at last someone agrees to being nice not naked.