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Brains & Beauty 2 | Love Limitless

It's been such a long time since I last blogged...I've been a little busy with so many things, but I am well. 
On Saturday I had the privilege of attending an event called 'Brains & Beauty 2' which was the annual event held by Love Limitless. I absolutely loved the event as it really magnified God's love towards us, right down to His wisdom on how we should live as His children, in an intimate relationship with Him.
I was also invited in with 6 other sisters, to be apart of the 'Young Women in ministry' panel. Now that is a testimony! -- for me to be sitting on that stage, being used by God as His vessel to share with other sisters, what He has taught me and just being able to share His love. He LOVES us so much, and I pray that we all really have personal encounters that will transform us. 
One of my favourite scriptures Romans 12:1-2 was broken down so well and ministered so much to me. I have truly been called to a Set-Apart lifestyle for…