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Discretion in Dressing

Midi skirts are something I always seek to invest in, because they always work so well for different looks and occasions. The midi length falls just below the knee and so it gives me the right coverage, no matter what I am it dancing, praying with someone & bending down, sitting down, driving (& carrying passengers/brothers besides me) or anything really. I am totally covered and it is so stylish too. I don't like to show my thighs because I have learnt that it should be kept exclusive. 
There are certain areas on a woman's body that are sensitive and private, and that is definitetly one of those areas, even though I know that different cultures believe different things. Some people are brought up in places that do not see a problem with thighs being on show. I know first hand because I grew up around friends who didn't think it was anything to have cleavage on show, bum on show, thighs out, belly out etc and I almost believed this too, but I thank God …

Royal Amber | Yellow Lace Dress Top

Here's an outfit put together around this beautiful yellow lace dress top.  There are so many colours that can work with such a bold item, but on this occasion I opted for a simple Black and yellow, as they work so well together. I learnt this from my Father's creation of the bubble bee.  
H&M have this listed as a 'short dress' & I personally style short dresses as dress tops because without something on the bottom, things are exposed that are meant to be exclusively His. 
I like to ask God what He would define something as, rather than simply going with what the majority would say about something. So in this case, me and Father have defined this beautiful lace item as a dress top, meaning it requires another item on the bottom when styling. The standards that God has are perfect, and are there to help us/me flourish and grow into all He has always seen. I am still a work in progress, but in Christ we are to grow from glory to glory, and not to remain stagnan…