3 September 2014

Royal Amber | Yellow Lace Dress Top

Here's an outfit put together around this beautiful yellow lace dress top. 
There are so many colours that can work with such a bold item, but on this occasion I opted for a simple Black and yellow, as they work so well together. I learnt this from my Father's creation of the bubble bee.  

H&M have this listed as a 'short dress' & I personally style short dresses as dress tops because without something on the bottom, things are exposed that are meant to be exclusively His. 

I like to ask God what He would define something as, rather than simply going with what the majority would say about something. So in this case, me and Father have defined this beautiful lace item as a dress top, meaning it requires another item on the bottom when styling. The standards that God has are perfect, and are there to help us/me flourish and grow into all He has always seen. I am still a work in progress, but in Christ we are to grow from glory to glory, and not to remain stagnant without growing in holiness, love, peace, understanding, wisdom etc...so asking questions helps me to not conform to the pattern/standard/ideas of this world [Romans 12:2]...even in ignorance but it gives me the chance to apply wisdom in how I dress also.

I learnt this principal of asking God to define things in my life from growing in understanding that He is Lord - He has the final say. I then have learnt about the power of words - what I say, what I use in my day to day language & what I am speaking into existence, because there is power of life and death in my tongue. This is something the Holy Spirit has to remind me about because I do forget at times, but because of this knowledge & His grace, I am able to repent when He shows me.

He revealed to me a while ago that I have to define things as HE would define them in order to respond to them how HE would respond. For example, if God calls something sin, yet we (as humans) call it something else, I could be deceived into thinking God is pleased with what we are doing or believing. Therefore we would think we don't even need to repent or change.

e.g. God defines lying as a sin, however some people categorise lies, as white lies, big lies, purple lies etc...which is not how God puts it. So one could think something is just a little lie rather than seeing it as a sin that they need to repent from..

 I pretty much took this and started applying it in different situations in my life. It has helped me to see tests as a joyful thing - looking through His eyes (some tests are easier to see than others, and He is still working that perfect word in me)...back to my point...When we look at things in life through the eyes of God, it allows us to respond rightfully to it. 

What is lying to God? 
Does God see this as 'just a movie?' 
Does God see that activity as 'just a bit of fun?'
What does 'fun' look like to God?
What does God define as short & why? 
What does God define as course jesting? (Ephesians 4:29)

~ Look Beyond The Surface ~

He brings wonderful answers to me, through many ways, mainly His word and His spirit in me bearing witness to what is truth. I am continually learning, as being set apart for Jesus is a beautiful thing, that costs us a lot. There is a price to pay for it and that price is a surrendered life to Christ, however that will look. I am still learning to give Him ALL of me, daily, and to continue to allow Him to transform me into His perfect image.

~ Royal Amber ~ 

Outfit Details:
Headpiece - A Statement necklace 
Dress Top- H&M
Pencil Skirt - Jane Norman
Heels - Next 

Hair- I had my hair blow dried since the week before and I put it into a buff, and created a quiff with some of the front, so that it complemented the head jewellery. 

With love,
Nash Amber x


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing...58eveningdress.