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2014 | Biggest Lesson Learnt

What a beautiful year. I didn't understand all that I experienced and went through but it has been an awesome year! The refining has been super real and painful. He has been pruning me and continuously teaching me that I am set apart for Him. Not that others are not, or that I am thee only special one (we are ALL special) but just that I MUST know (have a personal revelation for myself) that I am His! He has dealt with me a little different then others I may know...taken me through different roads that will help ME to grow into what He sees in me. 
It has NOT been easy but He always gives me joy and; makes me smile, reminding me of His love towards me. Thank youuu wonderful family and friends for your support, love, admonishment, prayers, reminders of His word and laughter! 
Hey! I have laughed well well this year, despite the tests and challenges. Romans 8:28 continues to hold me and encourage me. Yay!! Life in Christ. So much grace and hope available. Biggest lesson of the y…