11 March 2015

The Pure in Heart♡

First post for 2015 - oh my goodness it has been so long! Hope you are well?!

You may wonder why? - In short, Father has me in a different season which is keeping me SO busy and to be honest, I'm still learning what I'm to do here in order to get the most out of this time I have. I know we don't always understand what He is doing but I do like to share things when He gives me something to share. I have not been led to write as much so far, but we shall see how He leads me moving forward.

This morning, I was inspired to write this post following one of the daily reminders from a blog I follow called The Pure in Heart♡. In case you don't know much about this blog, it exists 'to encourage you along this journey in becoming and remaining pure for HIM daily. From the HEARTside out.' 

I find it really encouraging having these nuggets of reminders in my day to day. This reminder below has ministered to me in this current season I am in and so I thought I would share with you too. I hope you are blessed by mediating on His process of beauty which does hurt...is stretching and is demanding, but my goodness when we are developed - we look more like Christ! That is all the motivation I need in this life - knowing that I can look like Him in my heart and genuinely be a forgiving - kind - confidence - full of life - walking in truth - righteous - resourceful - royal - pure - modest - gentle - meek - strong - wise - virtuous - friendly - creative - accepted - lovely - loved - beautiful and refined lady!

This is what I want to look like and be like to everyone, not just towards those that are nice to me and understand me, but even to those that misunderstand me, hurt me or those that just do not like me etc. Just to be like Jesus is overwhelming but I long to be like Him and realise that the more intentional I become about wanting to change, the more processes I am basically welcoming in my life! - Eeek! 

I could talk about clothes, trends and styling pretty much any day of the week, (I love good presentation and just getting dressed up and being a lady about things) but all of those things are vain and empty if I do not check what is in my heart. 

Ask yourself, 'what good is it, to look outwardly so well put together, yet broken and lifeless inside?' - That is not His plan. We have to get the foundations/focus right. It all begins in His presence – seeking Him in that secret place and hearing His voice.

'Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will hear you. You will seek Me and find Me, when you seek Me with all your heart.' {Jeremiah 29:12-13}

Real authentic beauty and change takes place inside of us. It's in our private lives - when no one is looking that we are tested and tried to see if our faith is genuine. As we past those tests and go through the refining process we are then able to be beautified in our character.
I love this picture from The Pure in Heart, as it reminds me of the fact that there is SO much goodness ahead of me. All that I experience daily has a purpose and that is to make me perfect as He is perfect, lacking no thing and being fully in love with God - totally dependent.

Where you are today, whatever He is working out of you for eternity, can be done with Jesus. Be it dealing with lateness - being purified with careless spending - transforming your mind from negative thinking to having His - cleaning out your speech - making your motives pure when you get dressed - learning how to live by faith, to please Him - learning how to be immediately obedient...Jesus can do it all.

There is a word for EVERY situation, no matter what He is dealing with you on. His perfect word gives us HOPE and faith to stand! — even when/if it's not the same outcome as what we desire. HE IS GOOD! Be encouraged. 

He CAN change you. You are NOT a challenge for Him - ever! He made you, and knew all that was in you, and still LOVES you enough to change you. All those areas in your character that are not pretty, He can CHANGE! It will not happen over night and not in one go, but He CAN do it and you will see the beauty He has always seen in you, as you cooperate - surrender the bad habit/character and let Him LOVE YOU TO LIFE!
He remains the same, but we grow and develop as we lean and rely on Him. Be encouraged. He CAN make your heart pure - just let Him in, give Him more of you and be intentional about the change. For more on The Pure in Heart♡ visit:  Facebook - The Blog - Instagram
My hair can now go into a low bun even when not stretched.
Yay to growth & obedient hair – it's nicely slicked down.
{Fully natural for: 1 year 8 months}

With love, 
Nash Amber