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The Pure in Heart♡

First post for 2015 - oh my goodness it has been so long! Hope you are well?!
You may wonder why? - In short, Father has me in a different seasonwhich is keeping me SO busy and to be honest, I'm still learning what I'm to do here in order to get the most out of this time I have. I know we don't always understand what He is doing but I do like to share things when He gives me something to share. I have not been led to write as much so far, but we shall see how He leads me moving forward.
This morning, I was inspired to write this post following one of the daily reminders from a blog I follow called The Pure in Heart♡. In case you don't know much about this blog, it exists 'to encourage you along this journey in becoming and remaining pure for HIM daily. From the HEARTside out.' 
I find it really encouraging having these nuggets of reminders in my day to day. This reminder below has ministered to me in this current season I am in and so I thought I would share with …