20 April 2015

Turquoise Midi Dress

This dress is so lovely! It can easily be worn to a wedding, a date night or any other occasion when you have clear opportunity to get dressed up. The dress code for the event I attended was lounge suit and I decided to have a little vintage touch to my outfit, as I absolutely adore midi length items and a big skirt! 

This dress is very comfortable to wear and I wore a slip underneath as it was slightly transparent in the light at times. For those that are not familiar with this dress style, it's called an 'A line dress' - you can Google it and find lots of examples of this style. It is very 1950's, which is the era of fashion I most enjoy and my wardrobe testifies of this! I actually purchased this dress the next size up from my normal dress size, because it was a bit too snug for me when I tried it, and I want this dress to be with me for as long as possible. It fit's me so well and doesn't look too big for me or anything. 

This dress is currently in season at H&M but it doesn't seem to be online anymore, so you will have to pop in store to find it. They also have the exact same dress in black (which I also own) and it is perfect for work and generally having that Modest Black Dress, which I believe every lady should try to invest in, if possible :). It is timeless and super easy to style with a nice blazer, statement necklace and flat pointy pumps or heels, plus it has pockets! I am such a fan of dresses or skirts with pockets so that was another reason why this was a great purchase for me.

On this occasion I opted for a minimal look overall, and as this dress is very bold due to its colour, I assessed the environment I would be in and thought it would be best to not have a statement necklace. It would have been a bit too much over all (for this occasion) so my simple stud pearl earrings did it for me.

For my footwear I chose to keep it simple with these practical (for me) heels. I am still very capable of wearing 5inch heels and all the rest, but over the past year or so, I find myself gravitating towards heels that are comfortable, stylish but not extremely high. I believe that it is very possible and acceptable to be dressed up and not have to wear heels. Yes, you read correct! One does not have to wear heels to finish off an outfit. Heels are not what makes a woman look good overall, but how she carries herself, even in flats makes a big difference. I hope to share more of my looks with pretty flats and low heels (3-4 inches is 'low' for me...haha) please - please no judgement. I think it can be nice to have those statement 5inch heels, but I find that I don't always have a chance to wear them much these days, with my current lifestyle (I'm on the move a lot, so comfort is priority!), they just sit there for ages, which is not good! I have also found that some of my highest heels do not compliment a range of looks, so I now seek to find heels that will work with dresses, skirts, dressing, casual looks or dressing up. These heels are spot on for this. 

I spent some time at Hampton Court Palace (HCP) celebrating their 500 year anniversary. We had the opportunity to explore the palace and hear the stories of those who lived there and how the palace has been kept over the years - it was really interesting and the weather was perfect that day. I was so pleased to be able to capture the moment! - this is pretty much one of my slogans in life. I totally love photos! :) HCP is somewhere I would definitely visit again, especially with my interest in pretty decor and big buildings. 

Where would you wear an outfit like this?

Outfit Details:
Dress: H&M | Blazer: H&M | Clutch: Primark | Heels: Primark

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Nash Amber

pc: Mel Wassle

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