25 June 2015

Navy Maxi Dress Restyled

Me and one of my sisters, iron and best friend.
She is so lovelyyy - I totally love her!!

I restyled this old maxi dress into a midi style for my best friend/ iron/ sister's birthday dinner. I have worn this dress before in this post and purchased it from ASOS back in 2011. I really like the fact it's still here, going strong and has such a timeless look to it. 

For her birthday my beautiful sister (pictured with me) wanted to have a sophisticated dinner party with loved ones and I was so honored that she allowed me to organise and manage it for her! Every time I do anything for her, the Lord teaches me something new about how much He loves her and how in-depth He knows her, which ministers to me because it also shows how He loves and knows me well also! He literally gave me ideas and reminded me of things I have seen before which would be perfect for her evening, to give it that special touch so it was not just 'another restaurant/birthday dinner', but really another demonstration of how much He cares for her. He is interested in the details of our lives, even the little things we do not always remember - He thinks about it all! 'The very hairs on your head are all numbered.' (Matthew 10:30) #Levels

If there is anything I enjoy doing, it's planning events with a special touch for precious people, with Father. I love to see others celebrated for who they are and really served the way Christ would want us to be served, by His grace and provision. This has not always been the case for me and my heart though!

Quick testimony: I used to think that if I do nice things for others they would by default do it back to me and I would have big expectations for them to come through. You see, I'm BIG on life and birthdays, and think that they should be celebrated...it doesn't have to be big, but it should be acknowledged that He willed for us to be born and be here. :)

I'm a creative being and I have an imagination, which in Christ, I submit to Him more and more, but I can really think of some pretty cool stuff with Him. In my nature, I love surprises and cute things and I used to put SO many expectations on my friends and family to do these amazing surprises for me and in the past I was devastated when 'they didn't do what I saw in my head'. I thought that those around me would just 'get me' and that I wouldn't have to explain what I wanted, and I had some really bad experiences and cried on some birthdays when it just did not seem to match up to what I wanted. Long story short (may have to vlog this some day), Father encouraged me, through a sister in the faith to let it go, forgive my loved ones for 'letting me down' over the years and to lift off expectations from them and to put it on Him instead. He also taught me to not stop doing nice things for people just because they may not do it back to me, however to continue to be who He created me to be and to remember 'just as you want others to do for you, do the same for them' (Luke 6:31). He has healed me plus helped me to forgive and move on since all that from my past, and has put this big desire in me to serve others and NOT expect anything back from them! < #ThatIsGrace! He has encouraged me through His word, to 'work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people' (Ephesians 6:7) and to remember 'whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ' (Colossians 3:23-24). Though I do not do it for a reward, I am comforted to know that, just because I do something for someone else does not mean they have to do it for me. I am commanded to love without conditions and this I can do by His grace!

I thank Father for His inward work in me, because without it I would not have been a good host or event manager for my sister! I am so pleased that my sister had a lovely evening and enjoyed herself with all of us. We all had such a great some serving her, running around, making sure everything was lovely for her and surprising her with the little things. Me and my sister really appreciate detail and although it is not a big deal to some people, we think that the little things make a big difference - to the overall experience in life and for events. It was such an honour to dine with her and to speak her love language to her - letting her know how much we value, appreciate and LOVE her though the little things on the night...and she noticed everything! It was such a classy evening which reflected the type of lady she is. 

The theme for the event was all black - red carpet style, but as I was one of the hosts, my sister asked me not to wear black. Any colour but black, so I decided to go with navy as it's close but still has a hint of difference to it. 

This dress is actually strapless, but as I do not wear strapless items by themselves anymore (I'm just not at peace with it anymore, don't think it is practical for me and my lifestyle in Him, nor do I like how it visually looks compared to other necklines) I always opt to restyle them. On this occasion I decided to restyle it with a high neck lace top and to make it into a midi length dress. To make it midi, I pulled the fabric up were I wanted it to stop and then used a belt to hold it in place. As it has the flowing ruffle effect, it -just -worked! So now I can wear this dress in two completely different ways. #WinWin!

Disclaimer: I'm aware that some sisters do not like lace and would not wear it, I'm not at all encouraging you to go against anything you feel convicted on, so if this is not something you would do to restyle a strapless dress, you do have other options. Please respect that I have peace about this for myself, but you can restyle a strapless dress with a blazer if you prefer. :)

As for me and the glasses...I recently have been prescribed glasses for when I am driving or watching screens at a distance. At first I was kind of upset about it to be honest with you, because all I want is my 20/20 vision. I am grateful to be able to have/afford this temporary aid but I will continue to pray and believe Father for what He made me with. I do think the glasses suit me but still...I want my vision to be as He created for it to be. 

I complemented the look with these Melissa Sapphire Globe heels by Vivienne Westwood and it worked together so well. I blew out my hair as I wanted to give the overall look a simple touch, to balance out how busy the dress and high neck lace top was. In my opinion, hair styles such as a twist out or braid out would have clashed with my clothes on this occasion. In order to achieve that type of 'red carpet' look with a midi dress, big hair wins all the way for me! My hair has grown so much and I can only thank God for His faithfulness to make it grow. I cannot make not one strand of hair grow on my head, but He can.

My prayer is to have His attitude in life and to treat others as He would treat them, especially when they disappoint or hurt me. I am not yet perfect in this area (at the time of this post, haha!) but it is a prayer request to be perfect in it! I know He is perfecting all that concerns me and is faithful to cleanse me from anything that does not reflect His pure nature. It is a process but I do see that I have a responsibility to be active in this relationship with Him. To confront things/people He puts my way, take my heart before Him and to ask Him to search me if there be any wicked way in me! I need to be refined and it takes trust to go through the process with Him. 

Outfit details:
Dress: Asos
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood
Jacket: New Look
Clutch: Ralph Lauren 
Glasses: SpecSavers
Hair: 100% Virgin hair aka my own...haha!
High neck lace top: Gift from sister
Plus: Black strapless top under the lace top - not seen in images but a staple item for me, under such tops. The support is necessary!

With love and style, 
Nash Amber

Outfit pc: Ms Angie J
Dinner pc: AO Media 

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