7 June 2015

Sister2Sister Workshop


I love little details like this. I was so happy to see my name written on my food. haha
With my lovely sister, best friend and model for the day! x #Sister2Sister

Yesterday I was running two workshops at the #Sister2Sister annual conference, held by the ladies over at Liberty Christian Fellowship (LCF) in South London.

I have to say, I had such a lovely day and the ladies were so welcoming! Everyone was giving me and my sister genuine 'hello's' as if they knew us, to the point I was thinking in my head 'oh my gosh, have I met this person before but just can't remember them?'. The atmosphere was so lovely. In a room full of women, no one was looking at anyone else in a negative way, nor was I treated like a new person. I felt so welcomed and so free. The bible says, where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty, and even as I am writing, my experience was just that. I am free! I know that my freedom is from Him and not because of any person or place, so I am so grateful for His love over me.

So, I was invited over by the ladies to deliver two sessions on 'Presenting You', looking at fashion, hair and beauty. The sessions were so amazing! I loved the title as it fitted so well with why my blog is called 'Presentingnash.com' and my journey to living set apart. The Lord met with my heart and other hearts in that room. Mindsets were challenged, lies were exposed, His love was poured into our hearts and practical wisdom was explored.

I shared my testimony, seeing Christ rightfully - as Father and our Bridegroom, who His bride is, loving one another as real SISTERS, renewing our minds, how to style different body shapes, how to shop smart, modest dressing essentials and how to restyle/modest-fy items that are not modest - such as a short dresses with cut outs, to making it suitable for any occasion. The ladies really loved that! I brought my sister and best friend along with me (I'm so grateful for her support!), she came and helped me out, including being my model. I put her in an immodest dress which I own but always restyle to make it modest. I demonstrated to the ladies how I transform this one piece into different looks. Plus the importance of styling from head to toe - how quick and easy it is to transform things you have in your wardrobe and how hair makes a big difference to the way your overall finish looks.

I am still buzzing from the great day I had and reflecting on how beautiful it was to be affirmed by His truth and to be in a room with ladies that were willing to learn and be better-godly women by His grace. Thank you LCF for the invitation!

I am so encouraged. Despite so many things we see from the church/His bride aka the members in the body of Christ that is so not right...His bride shall be perfected - holy as He is holy - pure - without spot or wrinkle! Ephesians 5 is so real and I thank Him for it. He is the perfect Bridegroom and will ensure we are ready for His return, but we do have to do our part, grow in love with Him and choose to know Him intimately. Knowing Him does not happen by default.

Submission to His word is a choice (but not the concequences of disobedience), may we choose wisely and live. Eternity is on the line!

My outfit details:
Long top: H&M | Trousers: Next | Heels: Primark | Leather jacket: Zara | Bag: Paul Costelloe
Hair: Blown out (comb and tension method)

Ps: I promised the ladies in my workshop I will do a blog post on the things I shared with the tips and information on where to shop and all. I shall work on that by His grace and post soon, so please look out for that this month.

With love and style,
Nash Amber