12 July 2015

3 Ways I Style A Maxi Dress

Summer is finally here in London and I just have to praise God for the beautiful weather we have been experiencing. Last month I told some of my sisters that I would do a post with the tips I shared at the Sister 2 Sister workshop. Please accept my apologies for not posting last month, I didn't get time to do it then and plus I didn't have the right images to show you what I wanted. Over the next few posts I will be sharing the tips in my posts as I could not fit it all in one post.

I really pray that these summer styling posts encourage and help you to dress modest and still remain cool in this heat. I pray that our mindsets will be challenged towards godliness and practical modesty beginning with the right heart. A heart that wants to please God with every aspect of our lives. If the heart is not right but the wardrobe is, that is a problem and that is not what He wants. #LookBeyondTheSurface

This post will be showing you 3 ways I style a strapless black maxi dress. I have shared in previous posts that I no longer wear strapless dresses or tops by themselves, as I tend to feel very naked in it. There is no other word I can use to describe it, except feeling super exposed...especially if I'm wearing it while driving and other drivers cannot see my top - it looks as though I'm wearing nothing and that is not how I roll in life, so I now opt to modest-fy strapless items. There are other ways to re style a strapless item to make it modest but here are 3 ways I wear my maxi dress in summer or on holiday.

Maxi Dress: Next | Kimono: Primark | Heels: Office |
Sunglasses: Le Spec | Necklace: Accessorize

Kimonos are my thing! They are such a staple item for me all year round, but just with different fabric to suit the weather. It is so easy to wear and style - you just throw it over any dress or top. I through it over this maxi as it gives me coverage in a stylish way and keeps me cool as it is super light. This look is perfect for you pregnant sisters as it is not so fussy and looks so stylish! I picked this up in Primark last summer for around £6 or something but you can find something similar in H&M, New Look, Dorothy Perkins or Asos. 

Summer time...the hair needs to be up and away from my neck otherwise my neck gets hot and that is not comfortable.
I removed the extra links at the back of  the necklace to give it a clean finish. I don't like when the chain links hang on my back.
This belt is from Primark. It fits me on my hips but not on my waist, so I just tie a knot with it when I want to wear it with an outfit - I like how it falls and it complements the 'hippy' style going on.
If I have no belt, I tie a knot!

Maxi Dress: Next | Top: Next | Heels: Office |
Sunglasses: New Look | Necklace: Accessorize
This top is super soft and works well with the belt or tied by itself. It has big arm holes, which I like for this look as the maxi dress is seen from the side, when I move my hands. The maxi dress covered any form of side boob action and ensures that I am covered in those areas. This is another look that you pregnant sisters can rock with baby bump - just tie the knot above the bump and it looks so cute and stylish! Not all ladies are at peace about showing their arms, so if that is you, perhaps just apply style number 1 - with the kimono for the coverage you would like. 
Maxi Dress: Next | Top: Primark | Heels: Office |
Sunglasses: New Look | Necklace: Accessorize

Last but not least this navy chiffon top is another item I wear over my maxi. I do not wear dark colours such as black too much in the heat, as black attracts heat, but wearing this chiffon blouse top is fine, as it is so light. It has some lace detail on the shoulder which only looks good with I wear a strapless top or dress underneath rather than a vest top because of the details. I find that chiffon tops/blouses REQUIRE a vest top or strapless top underneath as they are transparent. It is not classy or respectable to be walking around with bras and other undergarments visible to all. Discretion is beautiful - keep it classy and modest. 

Styling smart for the summer is all about dressing for your shape. Due to my body shape, doing a knot like I did for look 2 and 3, with the top raised at the back does not look tense or immodest on me. It does not bring attention to my bottom or hips as it can do with other women who are blessed with curves. I am blessed in a different way - with slimness, so some looks I can wear and it will not look tense on me and vice versa. I'm not saying you need to be slim or I need to put on weight - each of us have different blessings, but we just need to dress accordingly. Always seek to dress for what is appropriate for your shape. I aim to do a post or vlog about body shapes soon, so please leave any questions or styling issues you have below or email me privately at setapartstyles@gmail.com.

'Don’t be concerned about the outward beauty of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes. You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.' ~ 1 Peter 3:3-4

With love,
Nash Amber

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