19 July 2015

Black and White Midi Outfits

With the beautiful Bride to be - I love her! x

Hey! Those of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook would have already seen these outfits, but I wanted to post up and share with you readers here who do come to my blog to see what I'm wearing over this summer period.

Yesterday was my sister and friend's bridal shower and I had the honor of attending and photographing her shower. It's so lovely to celebrate brides before they go into marriage and to shower them with love, encouraging words/advice, games and a fun time in Him. I do enjoy an all white look, but the transparency of the fabric can be so real, therefore I wore my own slip and top under my outfit.

A few people have asked me recently what the difference is between a hen do and bridal shower...is there a difference? If so, what is the difference? What is a Christian bridal shower like, especially if you do not want to compromise and want it to honour God and still be fun! I will aim to do a post on that, according to what I have learnt with Father, so if you have any questions please leave them below and I will aim to answer the questions in the post.

I've always liked photography and so it's nice to do these projects for loved ones from to time. The theme for the shower was all white for all the guests but as the shower was not taking place in London I had to factor this and so I decided to travel in one look, and get changed when I got there. I took my suitcase so I can take the clothes plus my camera and some bits I needed for the day.

As I was working I knew I had to be in comfortable footwear so I decided to wear these chucky heeled nude sandals from Next - they are super comfortable and still look dressed up without being super high. There are times I wear high heels but these days I find myself wearing heels that are comfortable and cute but a lot shorter than my usual.

Look 1 - All Black with nude accents

Dress: HM | Necklace: Accessorize | Heels: Next | Clutch: Primark | Sunglasses: Asos | Hair: Styled by Nash Amber :)

Dress - This is the exact same dress I have in green which I blogged about here. I purchased both colours because I knew they would be super supportive for my Modest Wardrobe. A midi dress can be dressed up and down and is so easy to wear.

Hair - Someone asked my on IG to do a tutorial for this style, so I will give it a go. I have been playing with doing this style for a while but couldn't really get it right before until yesterday. I am so chuffed that it worked out in the end. By God's grace I will be able to recreate it for a video for you lovely people and upload once I am back to doing videos again.

Look 2 - All White with nude accents

Off shoulder top: Primark | Strapless top underneath: Primark | Skirt: Zara | Heels: Next

For the actual look for the event, I decided to wear a top and skirt, which is my favourite combo as I get to restyle the bits for different looks in the future. I do enjoy an all white look, but the transparency of the fabric can be so real, therefore I wore my own slip and top under my outfit.

I had such a nice day and I'm super pleased for my sister and the testimony of how things have unfolded for her! I can only praise God for His goodness towards my loved ones in the midst of many tests and trials, He continues to be faithful towards us all. To perfect that which concerns us as His children and to give us hope for the future. Cling to Jesus, cast your cares unto Him, know that He loves and cares for you and will draw close to you as you draw close to Him.

With love,
Nash Amber

pc: Shenelle M
A massive thank you and shout out to my sister Shenelle, for all your help and support - I appreciate you lady!! 

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