30 September 2015

Blue Sequins

Here's an outfit I wore to a wedding I attended over the weekend. I purchased this 'dress' from Dorothy Perkins a while ago, but have been waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it. Online it was found under the dresses section but I still purchased it, knowing that it was short and that I would just modest-fy it.

I styled it with this satin pleated midi skirt from Next, because it complemented the sequins so well. Sequins can be a tricky one to style, but I fine that with satin it works well, alone with tulle also. This blue is a colour I really like and with these heels I already had the outfit was pretty much done. I added the blazer as it was a little chilly although the weather was really lovely. 

If you have short dresses, style them as a dress top - it is totally possible! You will notice that the dress also has a low V style at the front, so as always I wore a strapless top underneath to cover any form of cleavage. I always aim to tie in the strapless top into the rest of the outfit so that it flows better. 
I did not bring my SLR camera with me, so please excuse the quality of the images. I just wanted to share with all of you who are not on my Instagram or Twitter.

Hope you are having a great week! If there is something you would like me to blog about relating to life in Christ and or modest dressing, drop me a comment below. I know some of you have asked me to blog more, even if its not about clothes, which does not sound like a bad idea at all! Wanted to know if there is anything specific you have on your heart...if not...do not worry, I will ask Father what He wants me to share on and we shall see what we come up with. :)

With love,
Nash Amber