6 September 2015

Crochet braids are back

How I got my curls...

Happy New Month! It's been ages since I posted on this blog. I do apologise sisters, life has been happening! In order for me to share with you ladies I have to use so much technology and at present I have been experiencing some issues with a few items so it is making it difficult to blog. :( 

Please bare with me and pray for me. I'm working on it at present but all is well. I recently did my hair in a protective style - Crochet braids. I have done this style before, but with different curls. On this occasion I decided to curl all the individual strands of the Afro Kinky hair first in order to get this curl pattern. 

I wasn't too sure how it would work out, but it's been ok. I would have preferred to have the curls even more separated but because of the type of hair I used, the more I separate it the more I loose the curls and it frizzes up. For work I have decided to pin it up into a little bob and it has been reminding me so much of the vintage era, and so I have complemented this with my looks this week. Here is one of the looks I have done this week. 

I hope you are keeping well and enjoying the portion you have in Him. In order to live the life He has prepared for us, we have to get the right perspective and see life through His eyes. Rather than complain about things it is better to focus on Christ and the blessings in our lives - that's what I am constantly teaching my soul and flesh. Being born again, our spirit-man is regenerated and made new, but our soul (our will, mind and emotions) needs to be renewed and retaught what is right and wrong. I have to use the word to teach my mind and emotions how to respond in situations in my life. I'm not to be discontent but to remember His word concerning me. :) 

With love,
Nash Amber

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