9 September 2015

Wedding Guest: High Low Skirt

Although most people associate wedding season as being during the summer, I think it is all year round occasion- at least for some people in and around my circles. Summer is pretty much over here in London, but this look can still be worn for winter weddings coming up or other celebrations such as engagements, birthday meals or something. For winter weddings I would style this with a black fur crop jacket just to complement the simple colour coordination of the black and red. 

A really like high low items, be it a top, blazer, dress or a skirt and I have worn some items before on my blog. A high low skirt is basically one that is shorter at the front than the back. Notice I did not say short, full stop, but I said shorter than the back. 

Style Tip: High Low Skirt
Ladies, when wearing such items, please be aware that the length of the back of a skirt or dress does not make up for the shortness at the front. I have seen many skirts in stores and on ladies, which are really short at the front yet have a longer back. This is not to throw shade or to judge them at all, but more so to bring light to the fact that, we do have to watch the length of the items we wear if we desire to be women who profess godliness and good works as 1 Timothy mentions. Short items bring attention to your legs and primarily the the thigh which acts as a big distraction. My advice would be, to keep the short part of such a skirt knee length or below, because when you sit down or want to dance it can at times ride up higher than you thought it would. 

I much prefer to wear a-line skirts - skirts that pop out, as it is so supportive for when I am dancing at a party, rather than wearing pencil items and also dancing. This is a personal choice, as I like to remain practically modest even when I am doing activities. 

In order for me to know if a skirt or dress is suitable in length, I do a few tests...such as when I sit down does the skirt fall over my knee? If it does not, that skirt is too short for me and it will not allow me to remain modest throughout the day so it will have to go or be restyled. 

Style Tip: Lace tops
Lace can be a bit of a tricky one to style, if you do not have a vision for how you want it to look. Some people think that it is not appropriate to wear at all, in which case I would encourage you to style a similar skirt with a plain all black top. I chose to wear this satin skirt with lace, as I do have peace about it and ensure that it's decently covered up, as much as possible. I prefer a boat neckline for such tops on me and always wear a black strapless top with such items, because the fabric at times can be transparent. That totally takes away from looking classy and elegant, to then looking very seductive. 

Lace can easily expose under garments, which for me is not appropriate or righteous behaviour. There seems to be a trend going on where by ladies do not wear bra's with their outfits, and this is not advised at all. Bras provide support for your chest and also allow your clothes to sit better. When you remove a bra it brings even more attention to your body and is a huge distraction. Sister, do not allow yourself to be that type of female. If you find bras uncomfortable, get yourself measured up. You may be wearing something that is not your size. For such tops, a strapless bra is adviced, as it does not look good to have bra straps showing through your clothes ever! Aim to be discrete about your under garments, no one needs to know what is or isn't there. Regardless of if you like bras or not, please find a bra that fits you well. Wear it and have some support please! It is necessary. 

Modest Dressing Encouragement
Dressing modest is not old fashion, religious or legalistic. It is a boundary, put in place by Father to protect us and also to challenge us to not focus on outward things to define how beautiful we are but to focus on our character. He knows all well that beauty is fleeting. We need more substance to us ladies, then a pretty face, nice body and nice clothes. Those these can fade away, and are so shallow. He wants us to be women who have depth. Women who sound like Him and love like Him.

A desire to dress modest is birthed out of an intimate relationship with God. It is one of the ways we express our love towards His standards and order. His Fathering over us makes it possible for us to live more aware of Him in our daily lives and decisions.We don't do it so that He can love us more or because we are ashamed of our bodies, on the contrary we do it because we recognise that we are much more than our bodies and looks.  No, this does not mean 'let yourself go'. It just means, see things in the right order. Our outward presentation has its place, and we can look pretty without compromising His instruction, yet this should be complementing the beauty that is birthed within us - our character. We cannot short change or replace godly character, attitudes and desires with a cute outfit. We let God work in us, which will also change our outward decisions. Modesty is a heart issue first. 

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With love and style, 
Nash Amber

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  1. Gorgeous ensemble, the red looks great xx

  2. I love the messages in your posts.
    I just wish you posted more... Even if you don't feel like making an outfit post, I'm sure so many people will be blessed just with a little exhortation here and there. I find your blog is like a breath of fresh air.
    Stay blessed