17 January 2016

Havana Twist Crochet Braids

Happy New Year! Here's to my first post for 2016. I hope that this year I get to share more with you on this blog although I know that I aim be bring on a lot more videos your way. If you want some further help with modest styling and encouragement on living set apart for Christ then by all means subscribe to Set Apart Style on YouTube.

So this year, as well as general life goals I also have set some hair goals for the first time ever.

My hair goals for this year are:
- No heat for 6 months
- Length retention
- More protective styles in order to retain length
- Curling my natural hair with bantu knots, rollers or any other methods (just so I can see the curls my hair can hold)
- Less hair styles that pull on my hair line - even though I have no issues with it, I want to do less braids and styles that pull at my edges
- Have at least one successful wash n go

With that being said, I kick started this year with crochet braids yet this time with havana twists which I had seen for a while on YouTube. When I came across it at the hair shop I was so surprised and purchased them so I could have them now. I have had them in for a couple of weeks and I have to say this has been one of the styles that has grown on me.

In the beginning I was not sure about how big it was and if it would work well for work, but I have been styling it in this half up-half down style and it's working out well. As this hair is synthetic I find that it is very light and fluffy in comparison to having chunky braids. I will be doing my normal braids again at some point, but until then this is my go to.

The hair is nice, but its now beginning to have more stray hairs coming from the top of the braids, which means I have to trim it and use mousse in order to not have the hair looking messy - I cannot deal with messy hair, haha.

If you are interested in knowing more about this hair, please have a look at the video above where as answer most of the questions I have received since having the hair. Hope it helps and hope you have a great new year.

With love,
Nash Amber

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  1. I loooove everything! from your hair to your blog, you are such a blessing.