Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to you lovely Mother's and Mother's to be (in the future). I know that this day can bring up mixed emotions and feelings for many of us. Some are super excited to celebrate our Mothers and others remember the fact they don't even talk with theirs. Whether we get involved with Mother's day or not, we all have some type of connection with a Mother - even if we have never met them before.

For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb. - Psalm 139:13 

See...from His word we see that we all came from a woman. Someone carried you. I pray that all hearts will be healed that feel pain when they think about the relationships they have or do not have with their Mothers. May God comfort us all and give us His love and forgiving nature as we do this blessed thing called life.

From time to time I have the pleasure and privilege of styling amazing ladies. I get to spend the day or weekend with them, looking beyond the surface of what's going on in life, talking about real inner healing, praying together and also practical ways to look lovely on the outside too. We do not live based on feelings but it is good to feel good about yourself. When we can look in the mirror we should call ourselves beautiful and feel great as God is glorified in that too. When we feel good on the inside it will reflect on the outside too – and this Queen has that going on.

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago. - Ephesians 2:10

From what I know and see, Motherhood is such a blessing but it is so hard. As a Mother you are literally everything to your little blessings, whether anyone applauds you or not! You are a counsellor,  a stylist - you pick and dress your child(ren) so you literally are a stylist, a cook/chef, in some cases the driver, a nurse - when everyone is poorly, a decorator - putting the house in order, a cleaner, head administrator - managing everyones diaries and timetables and so much more. These roles are shared in some marriages but generally speaking, Mother's are holding it down, by His grace. These are just the practical elements. Then you consider the fact that Mother's in Christ also attend to the Spiritual and emotional needs of a child(ren) and their husbands (for those who are married)...Mother's are super women! I applaud and salute them so much.

From being surrounded by many godly Wives and Mother's I know that they can sometimes feel like/be the last person on the list to be catered for. They spend their time looking after everyone else and sometimes may feel forgotten or overlooked - which is not the case for everyone but sometimes it can seem as though there is no break and no time to think about looking pretty or going shopping for themselves. Yes. Shopping for themselves. Some Mothers would say - "Ha! what is that as a Mother? - when all you do it go out and end up buying cute clothes for your children or nice things for the house" etc. By default, many Mother's put others first and I think that is so selfless and Christ-like. It challenges me so much. In all of this I really see that they also deserve to be looked after, so I love spending time with Mother's and assisting them to look beautiful on the outside too.

I had the pleasure of spending a weekend and styling this wonderful Wife and Mother – who has 2 children under 2. Life is very real for her and her amazing husband with their beautiful princesses. She doesn't always get to spend time on herself, so having her pampered plus teaching her quick tips to help her look and feel fabulous on a day to day basis was on our (mine and Fathers) agenda. She shared with me that she wants to transition to natural hair earlier this year and so I'm helping her with this journey. I have suggested crochet braids as a protective style and I did this hair for her – which suits her so much! I really love seeing women being confident in His love. We can all get there by His grace and truth.

Ladies, we are all so precious, so important, so loved and cared for. God cares about every area of you. Spirit, soul and body. Self love testifies of His love in us when it is birthed from seeing yourself how Christ does. It's not vanity with Him. There is balance because His love transforms our minds and vision.

I'm so encouraged by this ladies journey and story in Christ. We fellowshipped all weekend and focused on friendship/sisterhood in Christ - what it looks likes, lessons we have learnt since walking together and experiences from the past which had us wounded for a season, but Jesus has done a wonderful work of healing us.

As this Queen has an inverted triangle body shape I styled her with this armless cardigan, over an all black look which is sliming. Wearing something that drapes like this balances her out overall and gives her a great shape. She has always wanted to do a nice red lip so I gave her a red lip (good old Ruby Woo) and taught her how to do simple make up, such us filling in her eyebrows. It's the little things that can make a big difference. *Disclaimer* I am not an MUA. Not even close, haha. I just did for her what works for me and she looked so wonderful.

Testimonial from Herlawn Etienne,

"What can I say but Nash Amber God bless you. This testimonial is extra special as not only am I talking about a lady who has an amazing gift who loves to serve as God leads her but a very close sister in Christ also. 

You are an answer to prayer on so many levels. As a full time Mother of 2 under 2 it has been hard to have time to adjust and concentrate on my new shape which has changed continuously in the space of 4 years. You have helped me to be more confident in how my body looks. Helped me to identify the features I love and encouraged me through my whole transformation from Wife to Mother. Your hands are truly blessed. People may not understand/see, some may criticise and ask why is styling and modesty such a big deal?! What has it got to do with Gods kingdom? But Nash Amber, I'm so happy that you are doing God’s will and serving people like myself. 

What you have done is help me shut the door to the enemy. You have helped me to have self-confidence and see myself as a beautiful young lady in Christ. When life speeds up and the children come along one can lose touch and get down about what you used to look like. I had to adjust to the 5 minutes that I have to get ready, the clothes that no longer fit the same way, the clothes that do no flatter or cater to the life style of a Mum. Not only the physical but the spiritual battle of not seeing yourself as you should in Christ. But God made us in His image and therefore it is good! A simple few hours with you Nash has helped me gain confidence in myself once again seeing that I can be all those titles - young modest and fresh! 

Thank you for ministering to me and being an encouragement to adjust to love, adjust to my new style and for helping me transition back to natural (a journey I thought after 2 failed attempts I would never be able to accomplish!) I praise God for your life! Love always, your sis Herlawn Etienne."

*Nominate a Mother*

If you know of a Mother who you would like to nominate to have a Free Styling Session for a couple of hours with me, please email me setapartstyles@gmail.com. Please send me an email with the following:
  1. Mother's name:
  2. Mother's number:
  3. Mother's email:
  4. Location/Country:
  5. Reason why you think this Mother would benefit from a session:
  6. What you love about this Mother:
  7. Who is this Mother to you:
You can nominate any woman who has a child/children, is fostering or adopted a child/children, someone who is expecting, someone who has lost a child, someone who had an abortion (sensitive topic but very real in our generation) or even someone who is like a mother to you in Christ. 

I cast no judgement on anyones situation or reasons for being a Mother (even if it may have been through something like rape, which is not always spoken about but is real). No matter the circumstance Jesus loves and died for us all. His desire is that we all know how much He LOVES and cares for us, so please email me across who you would like to nominate. x 

Closing date: 31 March 2016

With love,
Nash Amber


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