The Beauty of Modesty

I was recently asked to do a guest post for a Kenyan fashion blogger on 'The Beauty of Modesty'. 

I was so shocked when I received the email. I had no idea there were people in Kenya who knew about Set Apart Style and have been following online. Welcome to you all from all over who come to this blog and follow the videos on YouTube. God bless you all.

I really enjoyed writing the post and it gave me a chance to revisit my journey to modesty and God's desire for His bride to be holy as He is. I answered three main questions which were:

  1. What made me want to dress modest.
  2. What is true modesty according to the bible?
  3. What are the challenges I have faces with dressing modest.
If you would like to have a read click here. Thank you to Lornah of Cherries Vineyard, for having me!

With Love,
Nash Amber


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