Modest Styling Workshop

For the first time ever, Set Apart Style brings you a Modest Styling Workshop!

Set Apart Style exists to biblically explore and encourage women to look beyond the surface of modesty and focuses on styling from the inside out. Through personal styling sessions, blogs, videos and workshops Set Apart Style teaches and shares tips on how to be stylishly modest.

If you desire to walk closely with Jesus and to involve Him in every area of your life, including how you present yourself, then this is for you!

Whether you're into fashion or just looking to pick up some top tips to help you look fabulous, come and enjoy an afternoon of fellowship, fun, food and fashion.

This workshop will be covering how to:

- Dress for your body shape
- Style your hair - no matter what type of hair you have
- Restyle old unmodest clothes to make them modest
- Shop smart
- And much more!

Doors will open at 1.30pm and the workshop starts at 2.00pm.

To find out more about the workshop watch this video:

With love,
Nash Amber


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