Hi, I'm Nash Amber. Welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by.

This blog exists to inspire women to dress modestly; by exploring what it is and how to practically achieve it in a stylish manner. Modesty is far from boring and is certainly not about a list of do's and don'ts, but it is more about focusing on the condition of the heart for the person behind the clothes, which is you and me. I believe it's one thing to tell someone that their clothing is immodest (in love of course), but it is another thing to show them an example with real life testimonies on how this inward change takes place (because it may not be overnight!). I pray this blog and material helps and inspires you to live for Him from the inside out. I also share posts on my Natural Hair, for those of you that are interested in style ideas, because I LOVE my hair since going fully natural. 

I have been blessed by the Lord, with creative abilities which I choose to celebrate in Christ and use to encourage others. I really enjoy styling hair, styling clothes, event planning, photography, dance, nature and a few other things. I used to really despise being a person who enjoyed so many different things, because I could never 'fit' in one box and it frustrated me so much. My personality is different so I have had to learn to love who I am in Him. I'm an extrovert at times but also a bit of an introvert - some people would describe me as quiet, and others would say I'm super sociable. No split personality (that ain't right!) just simply different that way. It took me a long time to accept that about me and I struggled for so long on how to simply 'be' or how to value all these different creative interests, but by the grace of God I am able to express the things HE has invested in me and I'm still learning. 

I'm on a beautiful journey of wholeness but do remember the times I was an insecure girl, who sought after male attention in order to feel accepted and 'beautiful'. However since starting a relationship with Jesus Christ, not only has He changed my view of life, He has also let me know my identity and transformed me from that fearful - lost - angry - insecure girl to a confident woman in Him.

I now understand that I am The King's daughter, which makes me royalty and as a result I must live, behave and dress like I belong to Him. I have been on a long(!) journey of which you will read about in my posts, but I now love being modest with my dressing.

I am not the finished product, nor do I claim to be the standard of modesty. I am constantly learning and developing in Him, and I believe that if there is something that needs to change, my Father will correct and align me to truth. I don't believe I am better than any other lady, or that because my dress is a certain length, that I am beautiful - pure - modest inwardly by default. I understand that beauty in Christ has VERY little to do with our outward presentations, but it is about our maturity and development of godly character (a gentle and quiet spirit) and the condition of the heart - I'm only as beautiful as what's in my heart!

He is holy (separate from sin) and has called me to be also, so by His grace and through the process of refinement I am Set Apart (holy). I remind myself daily that I. AM. HIS!; I belong to Him. I am in this world but not of this world. My life is not my own and therefore I have to commit all my ways to Christ and acknowledge Him in everything! Is it easy? No way! It is super hard to constantly be giving things up and changing in areas I thought I was fine in, but I'm constantly learning how to apply this truth with different areas of my life as His word renews my mind.

I understand more and more that I am Set Apart for His good pleasure (this truth encourages me so much) and therefore I will never 'fit' into what many would call the 'norm', because God has called me to be separate from the world and to LIVE wholeheartedly for Him [Romans 12:2 style]. I am different on purpose. I must desire and live by His standards including in how I dress. Being set apart for Christ means that not everything I see around me will be for me or that everyone (including other believers) will get me, but that's OK. He still loves me and I still have to trust His Fathering over me. I'm fine with that now, because I believe He CARES for me and seeks for my best. Since being born again, I now belong to Jesus and therefore I must live set apart/reserved /separate from a worldly lifestyle hence the name for my YouTube channel and Instagram Set Apart Style.

It's more than mere clothes. It's about a lifestyle of holiness - which He teaches me how to be, because I cannot be holy on my own. I have to welcome and embrace being His, no matter what He may require of me. Being discrete/reserved/modest is such a beautiful thing, but this journey really starts in the heart (as I keep saying). I know I'm not alone in the pursuit of modest and decent fashion ideas and I hope that this blog helps you ladies; who like me, desire not to compromise the standards set by God and want to present yourself in a beautiful/respectable manner.
I repeat, present yourself (!)...and not what society projects as being beautiful/acceptable, but truly who God created you to be.

This is what inspired 'presentingnash' - not that I am anything special in myself, but I do believe I am special to God, and that He has called me to simply be the original Nash He created, in Love and with Love. Beautiful HIS way. 

With Love and Style
Nash Amber